Rain alarm, receive alerts when it rains in your area with this application

When it comes to bad weather, even the summer weather doesn’t convince us that the flow of water never drops. Then when we see that it’s cloudy, sometimes due to the appearance of the sky, we can see the threat of a storm, even if it doesn’t finally end with the rain. To be prepared in this situation, it may be worth downloading Rain alarm, an application that, as its name indicates, tells us when it will rain.

But be careful, tell us when the rain is approaching our location, taking as a source of information various meteorological institutions and updating at any time for greater precision.

Receive a warning when the rain approaches you

The app itself doesn’t have many mysteries; In fact, it doesn’t even have predictions for days or hours like other weather apps will apply.

Rain Alarm explains what happened, which is much appreciated today. Basically, as soon as you install it, it will request the respective permission to access the cell location, which is necessary so the app knows where we are and therefore, if we sneak around it will rain or not.

Then he will show us a map of our territory and on it, if there is one, the bathroom will appear The scourging of the country. To know the severity of this problem, representation rain This will be marked with a different color; right on the map they show the legend according to their intensity (blue = light rain, yellow = moderate rain, violet = storm).

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On the other hand, because we will certainly not see maps 24 hours a day, the application proposes Send us a notice when you detect that the rain is approaching our location. Of course, it is also possible to silence the application for hours so that it does not bother us.

Rain Alarm constantly searches for weather agents and offers reliable short-term estimates. The information comes from AEMET, Meteocat and Euskalmet and detect precipitation of all kinds, be it rain, snow or hail.

You can download Rain Alarm for iOS and Android for free, but it also has a paid version

Good we can download free Rain Alarm For our iOS and Android devices (Android also has many widgets), this application has a paid version with additional functions, which can be purchased independently.

Additional options offered by payment methods include in-app ad removal, search settings, more animations, and multiple alarms for receiving rain notifications in different locations,

Rain alarm, receive alerts when it rains in your area with this application 2

It should be noted that the application is translated into Spanish.

What do you think about Rain Alarm? Does it save you from a sudden storm? You can leave your comments below.

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