Razer Anzu smart glasses with mic and headphones have never been cheaper

The offer presented now is aimed at the most geeks among you! Indeed, the Razer Anzu connected glasses are enough to make James Bond green with envy. With its integrated headphones and microphone, they allow you to call, talk, play while protecting your eyes from the sun or blue light. All for €69.99 instead of €209.99.

Razer Anzu © Razer
  • Low audio latency of 60ms
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Autonomy of 5 hours

See the offer on the Razer Anzu at €69.99 at Amazon

Spy glasses at a bargain price from Razer

The Razer Anzu Goggles are one hell of a gadget that when they first came out cost $209.99. Today you can order them on Amazon for only 69.99€. This is the large rectangle model. Note that they also exist in rounded and small version. Be careful however, it is not certain that each model is currently on sale.

You will be able to wear them both inside in front of your computer and outside in the sun. Indeed they are delivered with two sets of glasses: a pair anti-blue light to reduce it by 35%. And a polarizing pair to block 99% of UV when you’re outside.

Half spy glasses, half geek glasses: 100% tech

The Razer Anzus are amazing in more ways than one. Because they don’t just protect your eyes, far from it. They can connect via Bluetooth to all compatible devices. Why ? Because it has speakers and a microphone. So if you are playing on PC, you can talk with your friends through the glasses.

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Are you on the street? You can call through the glasses. Or listen to music without disturbing everyone around, always thanks to her. And under the branches there are touch controls that allow you to switch from one song to another, pause, pick up/hang up during a call…

They are compatible with voice assistants. Recharge with a USB-A cable for 5 hours of battery life. They are IPX4 certified and therefore resistant to splashes. And they come with a carrying case, the two sets of lenses, a cloth to clean them and the charging cable.

See the offer on the Razer Anzu at €69.99 at Amazon

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