Razer unveils an amazing all-in-one and modular desktop-computer concept, Project Sophia

Razer Project Sophia © Razer

In this period of announcements, Razer has unveiled a new concept likely to make many gamers dream, but which will probably only be accessible to a small part of them. If it succeeds.

We therefore do not know the expected price of Project Sophia, this fully modular office concept. But if this one ever hits the market, that price will certainly cause us to grow some gray hairs.

It must be said that the characteristics have something to dream about. In the era of massive telework, Razer designs a desk capable of adapting to the different uses of the day. Thus, the work surface is traversed by 13 interchangeable modules that we can customize as we wish.

Each of these modules can be assigned to a given task, with specific functions. An example: for game sessions on greedy titles, we can place the display of system performance on a module in order to always have them in view.

We can thus insert all kinds of modules, including tactile ones. Razer hopes to bring, in the words of the vice president of the brand, ” almost infinite flexibility to gamers and teleworkers. On its site, the brand highlights four basic configurations, giving an overview of the audiences to which the concept intends to address:

  • The Gamer
  • The Creator
  • The Streamer
  • The WFH, for “Working From Home”

A screen up to 77″ on your desk

That’s not all. The desktop has its own components to support these tasks. It is indeed a computer in its own right, and not any accessory dependent on our PC to function.

EarPods concept with Spatial Sound inspired by AirPods 3

Razer says little about the components that allow it to spin, referring to ” including the latest Intel CPU and NVIDIA GPU to support the most demanding tasks “. These components are magnetically located under the glass top, which maximizes the work surface. The device will also have a THX surround sound system, a RAID controller, but also accessories such as a wireless charger and a cup warmer.

And because it is truly complete, this desk also includes a 65″ or 77″ OLED screen. Finally, Razer obliges, its surface is lined with LEDs that can be synchronized with Razer Chroma.

Remember: Project Sophia is a concept. It is therefore impossible to know if this desk-computer will actually see the light of day. But we’re confident in Razer’s ability to meet these kinds of challenges.

Source : TechPowerUp

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