Real food: 5 applications for healthy eating after summer

Ice cream all the time, beer and dinner outside … Summer is excessive time And now in September we want to join the gym again, exercise and lose the few pounds we’ve taken on vacation. Therefore, today we have compiled some of the best detoxification apps that will help you eat healthy.

There is no magic diet or magic shake to help you lose a few pounds, but it is recommended to go back to your routine, eat well again To live a healthier life. And if you don’t know how to start, we help you with some tips and apps.


One of them the best way to eat healthy after summer This is to organize everything in the family. You can eat well and make your food too. Menuterraneus is an application to plan meals for all families, it has all kinds of recipes, the possibility of organizing shopping lists or cooking ideas. You can also access discounts or coupons for supermarkets and return it not only to eat healthy but also cheap.

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This application has all kinds of healthy recipes not only to be healthier but also if you want to lose weight. You will find nutrition planners, all kinds of recipes, calorie calculators and the correct nutritional information that interests you most. Very complete application for Start eating delicious in September.

Real food: 5 application for healthy eating after summer 1

The first thing to start living healthy after the summer is leaving sugar And this application helps us control it. is an application that shows the amount of rock sugar in each food we eat every day. This is the perfect app for Be aware of what you eat You may think that something is healthy but it is not. You will be able to scan a barcode to calculate the amount of sugar each item has eaten or purchased.

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Real food: 5 application for healthy eating after summer 2

This application is one of the most useful when we return home We don’t even know where to start. When you get to the kitchen and you don’t know what you can eat with the ingredients you have. Noodle allows you to add ingredients to the list and it will automatically show you What you can do with what you already have. Ideal to improvise and avoid ordering food at home or betting on dishes cooked in advance when you are in a hurry and do not want to think. Very useful and recommended.

Real food: 5 application for healthy eating after summer 3

Another great app for healthy eating is Runtasty. Application designed to find recipes and healthy ideas. All kinds of recipes, sweet or savory, For you or your guests. You can filter every day to find what works best for you at any time based on what you need or the ingredients in the fridge, but you can also access the nutritional information for each recipe you want or can make. You’ll see step by step explanation And you can even access videos where you will see how recipes are made.

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