Realme 8 Pro update with camera improvements and fixes

Realme 8 Pro update

Just a few weeks ago, the Realme 8 Pro was presented all over the world, arriving in Spain, and then the Realme 8, although so far no news for our country. In both cases, terminals receive first update via OTA this causes them to improve in some aspects that, once released to the market, did not give the best result.

These updates that are added to Android 11 and Realme UI 2.0 , improve, among other things, cameras and offer new modes that were previously impossible to use. Some improvements under the version number RMX3081_11_A.27 for the Pro model and RMX3085_11_A.08 for the standard Realme 8.

What changes does the update make for Realme 8 Pro

The update in question is rolling out gradually, starting as usual in India, so there are still days to arrive on the Realme 8 Pro in Spain. In this update, the camera improvements are very important as they add Hyper Motion SLO-MO mode at which super slow motion recording is achieved, although the number of frames per second that it will offer is not specified. New styles have also been added to the watermark.

Realme 8 Pro

Taking advantage of this update, latest security fix the corresponding month of April has also been integrated, and the notification and restart bar issues have been resolved. While it is not yet available in Spain, it is important to note that the Realme 8 also inherited interesting camera features from the Pro model, such as the astrophotography mode, which the Realme 8 Pro also received improvements with this update.

Along with this, we fixed issues in the cameras of both smartphones that caused flickering when taking photos and other serious bugs that changed the tone of the photo when we saw it on the screen and then in the gallery, thus trying to improve the result of 108 Mpx Realme 8 Pro what the game has to offer.

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To receive all this news, we only need to go to Settings> Updates and check if they are already available for our smartphone. The update weighs more than 300MB and it is recommended to back up in advance to avoid a strange surprise, in addition to a minimum of 70% battery life. However, it does not appear to be the last update the Realme 8 Pro should receive, as some netizens have shown other screen or refresh rate issues. We will continue to monitor the development of this terminal after the update.

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