Reasons why your computer freezes and how to fix it

PC problems that don’t show up as a blue screen (BSOD) or sudden shutdowns / restarts usually cause the system to freeze and prevent us from doing anything with it other than pressing the reset button to make it work incorrectly. start over.

Freeze PC

Reasons for PC freezing

Below we will look at the most common causes of this situation and what you can do about it.

Insufficient system resources

One of the most common reasons for PC freezes or freezes is that the system not enough resources to meet the demand for software. In this regard, in most cases, two components are to blame: the processor and the RAM; The PC stores all running programs in RAM, and if these processes take up all of the physical memory, the computer will use the paging file, a storage device partition that acts as backup RAM in these situations.

Reasons why your computer freezes and how to fix it 2

Even if you have an SSD, using this file is much slower than using real RAM for this purpose, and as a result, your computer will slow down to the point of crashing and freezing. It’s the same with the processor, and when we are doing very demanding operations, we can take over the CPU usage for them, leaving the rest in the background and causing the system to freeze.

If this is your case, you have several options for solving this problem, for example, increasing the capacity of the computer’s RAM or switching to a more powerful processor as the most drastic and logical measure, but you can also manage the virtual memory of the computer. system, or just try not to run so many applications at once.

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Hardware incompatibility

If the hardware component on your PC is not fully compatible with your version of the operating system, it may cause stability issues. This usually happens when we have terrible blue screens, but there are times when we install a new device, and Windows is trying hard to figure out how to make it compatible. We will notice that this is the case if we open the Task Manager and see a process named WMI Provider Host (32-bit) consuming most of the processor and / or disk resources.

WMI Provider Host (32-bit)

We are in the same situation as in the previous section, the PC freezes because the processor is 100% loaded (and sometimes due to the same hardware incompatibility). All we can do is wait until Windows will complete this task, or disable the hardware device causing the incompatibility.

Other problems causing your PC to freeze

Of course, the variety of potential problems that can cause a PC crash is quite large. For example, we might have malware of some kind that leads to a sharp increase in the use of hardware resources and leads to the situations that we mentioned above, so if you see in the task manager that there are processes that you do not know about and that are consuming a lot of resources, we recommend that you scan your computer for malware.

In light of this, we should also mention that the presence antivirus installed on a computer is usually a fairly important source of slowdowns. Although antivirus can often freeze the computer completely, this is not very common, but in the case of users who install another antivirus on their computer, yes, since the engine of one interferes with the other and causes blockages. Never install two different antiviruses (in fact, if you are installing a third-party antivirus, we recommend disabling Defender Windows).

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Anti-virus key

Finally, we must highlight another possible source of PC crashes: The registry … This registry is a database in which Windows stores all kinds of information about your computer and its settings. When you install or uninstall any software, edit the configuration or make any changes to the PC, Windows writes everything on it.

In most cases, the registry Windows works without any problems and you don’t do anything, and in fact we strongly recommend that you DO NOT use the famous “registry cleaners” like CCleaner, as they are completely useless in most cases, and at worst they can even be dangerous. If in your registry Windows too much data to the point that it freezes Windows, the best you can do is reinstall Windows , no more.

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