Recommended programming languages ​​for beginners

Not only for work or looking for a job, but also as an education, out of curiosity or as a hobby. The truth is, anything related to app development can be something very interesting in all of this that we comment on. It goes without saying that perhaps the main reason for all this lies in the enormous use of technology today. This is something that can be extended to both software. and hardware environments so being able to create your own apps can be very exciting.

Recommended programming languages ​​for beginners

Why should I learn to program

We can find many ways to use this knowledge that we are about to introduce. As we mentioned earlier, for both professional and personal use. You can already imagine that the labor market in this sense is thriving at all levels, or we may even try to find a life on our own. By this we mean that we can develop your own solutions and introduce them to the market to make sure they are successful.

We can also participate in large software projects or become part of the company’s staff. But that’s not all, as the world of app development can also serve as interesting educational support, which never hurts. On the other hand, we can also enter this exciting world just for fun or out of curiosity. It is also a sector in which we will never finish learning and developing.

Which is why, for those new to all of this, here are some of the most interesting suggestions to get you started.

Programming languages ​​to get started

Specifically, we’re talking about the ability to start with software development in the most convenient and affordable way. This is an important step, especially if we are going to start from scratch, as we will have to choose well to make the initial process bearable.

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Scrape off

The first thing we need to know about this proposal is that here we find a programming language especially suitable for children … It was created so that the smallest can learn the basics of programming from an early age. This is why fun and simple techniques are used, which is also very useful for adults who enter this programming sector.

Scrape off

Thus, we could assume that Scratch is perfect, ideal application development language so that we can take the first steps from scratch. Some define it as a block language, so the elements we use here are actually small blocks that we link together to create our personal projects … If you want to know more about all this, we recommend taking a look at his official website at this link. We also have a variety of guides, courses, videos and examples to help us with all of this.


Following the same line as before, we now find Blockly. In particular, here we mean a language that was also created so that both children and adults who do not know the subject can start programming. In fact, we could say that this alternative is a solution that Google launched to compete directly with the Scratch language we talked about earlier.


So much so that to begin with, we’ll also start creating our own block- based developments for our projects. We will see all this and much more simply by going to his official website with this link. As you can imagine, at first the entire development process is performed both visually and intuitively. Also, once we are done, the development platform itself is responsible for converting the project to other languages ​​such as JavaScript , PHP, Python, etc.

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Next, we will talk about one of the most popular and used sentences of this type for teaching programming. It is not a child-friendly platform like the ones shown above, but it will also help us if we are not familiar with these issues. One of the reasons for all this is that Python it is a simple language to learn and understand. All this will help us start developing our own projects

phyton lenguajes programación

In addition to the commands we use here, it is also easy to understand the organization of structures and data. This will help us gradually introduce ourselves into this world without much difficulty. This sentence is used in many professional development but some find it to be slightly slower than others. You will have the opportunity to learn more about Phyton from its Official Website.


If you are thinking of getting started in the world of application programming from the beginning, this is another suggestion for the uninitiated. We have had it for many years and was developed by a Japanese with the aim of making it easier to get into programming. In fact, many say that from the very beginning we will have the opportunity to understand the project written in ruby almost from day one.


The commands and structures used here are so self-explanatory that they can be understood without even knowing the language itself. Thanks to everything that has been mentioned, it becomes a great alternative to delve into application development … But not because it is simpler, it can be said that it is less powerful than others. In addition, there are many courses and guides on the Internet to help us, starting from its official site.


One of the proposals in the form of programming languages ​​that we can find all over the world is JavaScript. In fact, it is more than likely that most of you look very familiar. In fact, this alternative is one of the most commonly used among other reasons because it is a multi-platform programming language.

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It may not be as simple a proposal for the uninitiated as the ones mentioned above, but it is quite accessible. It is also a widely used language in Web development, a sector that is currently on the rise.

javascript lenguajes programación

It uses structures that beginners can easily understand, making it a good place to start in programming. It also doesn’t need a compiler, which makes our job easier. It is a registered trademark of Oracle and you can find a lot of information about the language here.


If we don’t want to complicate ourselves too much, we can also choose Alice. This is an object- oriented programming language it helps us to start from scratch in such a work environment. To all this, we can add that one of the main niches of its use is games and animation. Therefore, this is more than enough for the multimedia market in which we live.

Alice lenguajes programación

Many consider it a programming language more than suitable for kids and adults who want to enter the world of programming. Thus, it allows us to create very visual and attractive designs in a simple and affordable way. Allows you to simulate scenes and animations, place cameras , adding characters, etc. All this through the use of elements that we have seen before, for example, blocks that make it easier to accomplish these tasks. To learn more about all this, we recommend taking a look at this link.

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