Redmi Note 9S: stable update to Android 11 available

The implementation of Android 11 and Xiaomi mobile phones continue their course. Gradually, all doubts are dispelled, and the selected terminals receive all the MIUI 12 news based on the latest version of the Google operating system. Good news now comes for Redman Notes 9S , which, after passing the appropriate testing stage, limited to a few users, consistently reaches all users.

Redmi Note 9S Android 11

An operating system change that coincides with a level change is usually a mixture of chaos that turns many users upside down. Among the terminals that still have MIUI 11 are those that have been canceled to receive MIUI 12 and those that coexist with both Android 10 and Android 11. Extensive Xiaomi catalog means that many users do not know exactly when their device will be updated, but, fortunately, on our site we keep you updated on all this news.

Android 11 for everyone using Redmi Note 9S

Now it was Manu Kumar Jain, Xiaomi’s Global Vice President India, who confirmed that Reami Note 9 Pro, known in our market as Redmi Note 9S, is already starting to update to Android 11 with the new MIUI 12.. after passing the “stable beta” period, which reached small number of selected users last month … As is usually the case, and since no noticeable bugs or issues have been reported, the version is released to all users.

Redmi Notes 9S

As we’ve seen on other occasions, this means Android 11 should arrive for the European Redmi too. Note 9S, which will receive update notification in the coming days or weeks. Users will find all the news about the new version of Android, with updated interface, new animations and improved privacy options. A new Control Center, unique app permissions and wireless support for Android Auto have also been added. Other new features that users have been looking forward to are new chat bubbles or smart device controls.

Pay attention to the update notification

Owners of this mobile phone can wait for their turn to update, or periodically forcibly update manually, from Settings / About phone / Check for updates. Keep in mind that if it is your turn and you allow some time to pass without an update, the OTA may go to a different user, so being attentive can be an advantage to getting this news over other users.

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