Refunds will be given to those who bought the first Xiaomi smartphone

One of the biggest names in the smartphone market xiaomi, takes an interesting step. Refunds for those who bought the first smartphone model will make.

Xiaomi’s smartphone adventure launched in China in 2011 Xiaomi Mi 1 started with. Here, the company gives a gift to those who buy this phone.

Basically, Xiaomi’s first China-based customers will be refunded the $308 / 1,999 yuan fee they paid for the Mi 1. Of course, the company will give gift certificates, not cash directly.

According to the description Xiaomi Mi 1 total from the model 184 thousand units Sold. This is for today 57 million dollars It is reported that a number coincides.

At $308, it’s lower than many of Xiaomi’s current smartphones. However, the firm redmi and POCO It is possible to find good devices from sub-brands such as this figure.

Xiaomi continues to grow very seriously

xiaomi, you remember canalysof and later IDCAs we learned from the reports of ‘s, it surpassed Apple with a growth of 83 percent in the second quarter of 2021 and became the second largest phone manufacturer in the world.

in the second quarter 17 percent Xiaomi’s success, which gained market share, made a great impression. The firm later specific to the European market turned out to be the second quarter leader. Xiaomin shipped 12.7 million in the second quarter, growing by 67 percent compared to the same period of last year.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Ultra and Mi Notebook Pro and more introduced

With 12 million shipments, it ranks second in the European market. Samsung, in third place with almost 10 million shipments apple was located.

Lastly, specifically 2021 June There was a special analysis for the month. to CounterPoint For the first time, Xiaomi has become the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer in a month total. In other words, the company managed to surpass Samsung in global phone sales for the first time.

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