Remote work attracts cyberattacks

Remote work has increased the number of cyberattacks

As we pointed out, cybercriminals often use the circumstances of the moment to carry out their attacks. They tend to focus on what has the most users, the most used services, or where they will ultimately have the most opportunities to succeed.

Remote work attracts cyberattacks

Recently, many users have started to work remotely. teleworking partly helped to cope with the pandemic. However, in many cases, companies and users themselves were not prepared for security. Consequently, the hackers took the opportunity to launch their attacks.

According to the report made VPN Atlas the growing number of attacks due to remote work is more than obvious. In particular, 78% of companies and organizations have experienced an increase in cyber threats following the introduction of remote work.

What are the main reasons? Undoubtedly one of them is that users use unprotected computers … They mostly use computers and computer hardware in general, which are not patched. They may have older versions with security issues that have not been fixed correctly.

This is often used by cybercriminals. They tend to attack systems that don’t work. data that have vulnerabilities that they can exploit.

But there is also a factor that played a very important role: lack of company protection … In many cases, those responsible for maintaining secure systems and correcting problems that may arise were not physically present in the organization. It may have been quite a long time since the last patches were released. This left many computers unprotected and hackers took advantage of this.

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Common Sense and Errors Are Key

There is no doubt that something very important that cybercriminals have been able to take advantage of is that they catch users by surprise. This means that many do not have the necessary knowledge to effectively use the equipment and be protected. Many remote workers make basic mistakes such as using unsecured devices, following links that may be fraudulent, or installing unofficial software.

All of this means that teleworking has led to an increase in cyberattacks. Lots of unprotected, outdated computers and users without the necessary preparation for this. Moreover, everything is done in a very short time.

It can be said that teleworking has become a reality in many sectors over the years. However, it has never been as embedded in society as it is today. This acceleration has been one of the reasons for the rise in cyberattacks.

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