Removing programs from Control Panel disappears in Windows

It’s no secret that Microsoft has been trying to get rid of the classic Control Panel for a long time. Most of the options that we can find in it are already available in Settings menu … Plus, they are much clearer and more intuitive than this other panel. For example, from the “Configuration” panel, we can configure networks, access the security settings of the operating system, manage users, customize the appearance and, of course, uninstall programs.

Removing programs from Control Panel disappears in Windows

While in the background The control panel is still available in the operating system … The user always goes to the “Configuration” menu to make changes to the system, if this panel is not opened manually. However, starting with the next big update Windows 10, this control panel can die.

Removing programs from the Control Panel is not possible.

Control Panel Windows works with small tools called “applets” or applets. When we select one of the configurations on this panel, this tool opens, and from it we can make the appropriate configuration.

Although Microsoft did not list this on their changelog, Windows 10 21H1 build 20211 brings with it a novelty that will be a lot to talk about in the coming weeks. V “RedirectProgramsAndFeatures” The function means that when the user tries to uninstall a program from the Control Panel, instead of opening the familiar page of this panel, the Applications section opens in the Configuration menu.

Desinstalar programs like Windows 10 Panel de Control

After all, we can do the same from both places. Either from the classic control panel or from the settings menu, we can uninstall any program we have installed without any problems. Moreover, The control panel does not display applications Windows 10 UWP , and in the settings menu.

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Desinstalar Configuración W10

Cleaning necessary, but everyone’s liking?

If this new feature Windows 10 is a good fit for the operating system ecosystem, it is very likely that Microsoft will soon create new features for continue redirecting control panel applets to the corresponding settings in the settings menu.

The truth is, repeating functions in an operating system can be confusing and even counterproductive. But what about power users accustomed to this control panel?

One thing Microsoft needs to keep in mind is that the most basic configuration options should go to the Settings menu, accessible to everyone, to be able to use them in a simple and intuitive way. However, other tools offered by this toolbar should remain in it. For instance, BitLocker credential manager, certificates or encryption , to name a few of these applets, they must remain in Control Panel. This way, only advanced users who really need these tools can access them.

Control panel W10

We will have to wait for now, but it is very likely that we will see new changes related to this panel in the coming weeks or months. And even because of his possible death, which could become a reality in 2022 or 2023 updates Windows 10

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