Report viral extensions in Chrome to make them disappear

There are many suggestions of this type that we can currently use under the guidance of Google. We say this because Chrome has had far more market penetration than others over the years. It is true that in a few months on the market we can find another interesting Chromium an alternative developed by Microsoft. We’re talking specifically about the new Edge. It is a more modern browser than Chrome or Firefox, or at least a younger one that is gradually gaining acceptance from users.

Report viral extensions in Chrome

But in this case, we are not talking about what we want to talk about, but about the above-mentioned proposal of the search giant. And that Chrome has made an important hole in this software sector over the years. He ousted everyone who was put before him, although not everyone agrees with his action. Hence the advantage of being able to choose other programs that are more tailored to our needs. Many complain about his high resource consumption , or a collection of data that Google itself performs with the help of a program.

Advantages and disadvantages of Chrome extensions

However, despite all the functions that Google releases for its project in the form renewal , users often ask for more. Well, this is what applies to most programs of this type. In particular, we are talking about the possibility of adding new functions to these programs through popular extensions.

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As many of you already know firsthand, these add-ons or extensions are small pieces of software that add other elements to the browser. Whether they are functional sections such as security or appearance, the truth is that their use is more than widespread. As we tell you, this is not only true for Chrome but most of these programs support them.

Chrome extensions

Hence, the usefulness that these elements provide us is countless, but not all of them are advantages in this sense. We say this because, in large numbers, they work simultaneously and consume a large amount of resources. However, not all of them are what they seem, since there are some malicious in more or less degree. And is it so in almost all areas software. , intruders are also hiding here.

This is something that we can partly solve, or at least solve, by first excluding the extension and then reporting or reporting it. This will force Google to continue removing it and others will not fall victim to this plugin in the future. That is why below we show you several ways to communicate these enlargement which we have identified as malicious.

How to report malicious Chrome extensions

It is worth noting that we can use several methods to achieve what we are telling you about, as we will see. While this will not solve the possible problems this unwanted extension caused us, it helps other users not to go through the same. In addition, in this way it is achieved that malicious developers or those who are simply trying to deceive us gradually disappear.

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Report Chrome Extension We Installed

We may have discovered suspicious behavior in an add-on that we are installing that is still installed in the program. Well, if we want to report on his work, let’s see how to do it. To do this, first of all, go to the main menu. program , which is represented by three vertical dots in the upper right corner. Once it opens, we have to select the “Additional Tools / Extensions” option.

Menu extensions

At this point, all the extensions we have in Chrome at the moment will appear on the screen. First of all, it is important to know that in order to save PC resources even if installed, not all of them need to be active. Therefore, from the same window, we recommend disabling those Accessories which we do not plan to use in the near future. We achieve this with the selector located in the lower right corner of each of these elements.

Desactivar extensions

But if we are going to do what interests us in this case, in order to report its work or purpose, we must select the “Delete” button. This, as you can imagine, will help us eliminate Chrome add-on like so that it doesn’t bother us anymore. But yes, we must be vigilant in this regard. And it is in the confirmation window that we will see a marker that allows us to notify Google about the misuse of this add-on. We just need to mark it before permanently deleting the item.

Report malicious extensions from the Chrome store

On the other hand, it may happen that we need to report this element in Chrome, but we have already eliminated it. Everything is fine, Google She herself wants to simplify our task in this regard, more than anything else for the safety of her hundreds of millions of customers. To accomplish these tasks that we comment on, the first thing we do is access the company’s official store for its Chrome browser. This is what we get from this link.

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Then, in the appropriate search box, we enter the name of the element of this type that we want to notify about search engine about … Once we have access to your file, you must install it. In the Additional Information section we find a direct link to Report Misuse.

Reportar extensions

Hence, here we will need to click to notify about this element, which is either malicious or does not fulfill what it originally promised.

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