Resident Evil Village: inspirations and tributes from the game to horror

The title is a direct sequel to Resident Evil 7, now with Ethan Winters in search of his daughter, Rose, in a mysterious village in Europe that concentrates a series of peculiar figures. Several of them are related to subgenres and works from different aspects of horror, cinema and literature, as has been the case since the first game in the franchise. But do you know the inspirations for the main creatures of Resident Evil Village?

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Lady Dimitrescu

Being the most famous character in the game even before the release, Alcina Dimitrescu is the leader of a family made up of three more daughters – all vampires thirsty for blood and torture.

According to the game’s art director, Tomonori Takano, the character’s design was built to escape the classic inspirations of bloodsuckers. Still, some characteristics remained, and an example of this is that Dracula had three brides in his quarters.

The character refers to the behavior of Countess Elizabeth Bathory, a noblewoman who lived in Hungary in the 16th century and tortured peasants to bathe in the blood of the victims.

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The Japanese urban legend Hasshaku-sama also influenced with some of its characteristics: it is the ghost of a tall woman, in a white dress and with a long hat. Morticia, the matriarch of the Addams Family, was also one of the inspirations.

The castle where they live, on the other hand, has a gothic aspect typical of works that portray vampires. Some films by British producer Hammer, such as the night vampire (1958), present a bit of this mysterious European air that may also have been used as an inspiration.

Salvatore Moreau

The creature that suffered the most physical mutations among the village lords was Salvatore Moreau, who gained a hump and lives in a water reservoir. In addition to Quasimodo, from the work The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, by Victor Hugo, Moreau’s look has similarities to the helpers of classic horror stories, such as Igor, a kind of henchman and laboratory assistant with back deformities.

Your last name is a tribute to the book. Dr. Moreau’s Island, an 1896 classic by HG Wells. The title’s medical recluse performs experiments involving animals and humans, generating bizarre creatures.

The plot has been adapted a few times for film, the most famous being a 1996 feature film starring Marlon Brando and Val Kilmer — a work troubled with several production fights and considered a critical and box-office failure.

Donna Beneviento

The mysterious woman in black who walks with a doll is another one of the game’s lords. Benevento, without the letter “i”, is an Italian city known for its vast folklore related to witches and pagan rituals.

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The bereaved aristocrat in a mansion look refers to various supernatural works with hauntings — one of them is the adaptation The woman in Black (2012), film starring Daniel Radcliffe.

Possessed or reanimated puppets have been depicted numerous times in cinema, far beyond the franchise Killer toy or of Annabelle (which spawned a trilogy after appearing in IEvil summoning, of 2013).

Other films that address the theme “wooden toys as supernatural villains” are Deadly screams (2007), Macabre dolls (1987) and A Magic Pass (1978).

Karl Heisenberg

The character wearing a hat, glasses and a huge hammer is a scientist who conducts controversial experiments on human beings and often sees the creatures getting out of his control.

This is one of the premises of the story of the monster from Frankenstein, a work by Mary Shelley written in 1823 and which has been widely adapted in various media.

The stylish look is directly linked to vampire hunters, as in the anime hellsing and in the movie Van Helsing (2005). However, the clothing is also related to the movie. Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992), directed by Francis Ford Coppola.

The beings that live in the vicinity of the character’s factory are the lycans, the first enemies of the game and their own versions of the franchise for werewolves. The creatures exist in a variety of folklores and have been portrayed in films since 1941 in the feature film The werewolf.

It is worth remembering that the creations of these characters generated controversy, as the director of The Army of Darkness (2013), Richard Raaphorst, accused Capcom of plagiarism by copying the design of creatures from the movie that are monsters from the Second World War era.

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