Richard Browning, nicknamed Iron Man, continues the screenings

Real Demir Adam described as Richard Browningcontinues its performances with its jet engine suit developed by itself.

British inventor and entrepreneur Richard Browningcomes to the fore from time to time with his “jetpack”-like outfit he developed with his team. It is the most desired tool to become a reality in personal transportation, making it functional. browning, For those who have not encountered it before, it develops a system that can be controlled with the body, unlike its counterparts. The little one he wears on his arms and back with jet engines The inventor who can stay in the air is a name that has even broken the Guinness World Record. by the hour Accelerating to 52 km/h making browning, He wants to further increase the level he has reached. Entrepreneur, who came to the fore with his ability to accelerate to 90 km/h as part of a recent test, is here with two different demonstrations this time.

The first demonstration, which you can watch in the video below, presents a rescue operation scenario. In this notation browning In his suit, he climbs a mountain very quickly in the middle of poor visibility conditions. A person who can take the road that would take 70 minutes with normal walking in just 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Richard Browning, He states that the helicopter cannot fly in these weather conditions. In this context, such a tool really makes a big difference for emergencies.

In the other video you can watch below, browning here although not as much as the previous ones you can see, doing a military demonstration. Real flying in military camouflage at SOCOM SOFIC event in Tampa Florida Demir Adam, It also reveals once again what special military operations might look like in the future.

Gravity Industries whose design is constantly modernized under the company personal flight suit, has been in a difficult development phase for many years. The product, which has a long time in front of it to reach the end user, is not only the dream of Browning, but also of a great generation who grew up with the GTA game. This outfit has great military potential.

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Recent videos by Richard Browning:

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