Risks of failure to back up a key Windows or license

In addition, the market penetration rates of the operating system we are talking about are constantly increasing, and this does not show any signs of change in the near future. We must remember that despite what happens to many Linux distributions Windows 10 is not free. Thus, depending on the version of the operating system that we choose, their prices today start at 145 euros.

Windows Key

To make everything legal and we can use everything Functions available in this software, we must have our own product key. In fact, this is the one that uniquely identifies our Windows 10 like many others software. solutions. Let’s say this is the equivalent of the DNI of each of us, but on a PC. Therefore, in most cases, we are interested in creating a backup copy of the key Windows…

This is something we can do in different ways, but in most cases this is the most recommended option. Otherwise, we may unexpectedly face a serious problem. This is what we want to talk about in this vein, about the risks to which we are exposed, if not backup copy

Activation Windows

Lose the key Windows 10 forever

In the event of any disaster on our computer with Windows 10, if we are unable to reboot the operating system in any way, we will lose the key forever. If we do not have a backup of it, no matter OEM or sell Windows retail, we will lose this license with problems and inconveniences that it may cause for us.

Unable to update PC hardware

On the other hand, if we do not have a copy of the item we are talking about, especially if it is retail, when we change an important component, Windows will ask us about it. Of course, we will not be able to provide it, so the only way out is to reinstall and use the old component and create backup copy key we are talking about.

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The need to pay for a new key due to a virus attack

If we suddenly suffer, for example, from a virus attack, extortionists or any other malware that blocks access to the system, we will not be able to recover your password. Therefore, if we do not have convenient storage in a safe place, we will lose it, and therefore we will not be able to use it if we decide to format the entire system.

We will not be able to switch from a computer to a new one

If we have Windows 10 sec retail license , the backup we are talking about will always be useful to us. The reason is that this is our property and is not associated with any equipment. Therefore, if we have saved it, when we change the PC for any reason, we can enter it into a new one. Otherwise, we would have more Problems , even to the point of loss if we cannot access the old PC.

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