Rockstar North says goodbye to Red Dead Redemption 2 to make way for a new project

Apparently today’s surprises not only have to do with gamescom 2019 because, true to its style that does not contemplate presenting itself at events, Rockstar Games has given what to talk to something that happened at its headquarters in Edinburgh, Rockstar North, which would give clues that something important is about to happen.

According to a report by Twisted Voxel, a reddit user shared a photograph showing the front of the Rockstar North offices in Edinburgh, Scotland, while the promotional material from Red Dead Redemption 2 which wore from the official revelation until this weekend. This image has been considered an important moment because it seems to account for the end of Rockstar North’s responsibilities with Red Dead Redemption 2, specifically with Red Dead Online, which would mean that only one team would be responsible for the online component while the bulk of the study moves to its next project.

What is Rockstar North up to? The obvious thing would be to think that a new installment of Grand Theft Auto It is on its way and that is not subject to doubt, but at least it is not seen as something that will happen in the near future. However, and given the rumors that have been generated, it would not be unusual for the new project to be about the expected sequel to Bully, delivery that has given much to talk about recently and that, it seems, will be a reality.

Image shared by RedArthurDeadMorgan on reddit

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