Rod Fergusson confirms: Gears Tactics is coming to Xbox One

As if the fans did not have enough Gears with the fifth installment that comes to us within a little more than two weeks, many have been claiming that the turn-oriented spin-off strategy they presented at the E3 2018, called Gears Tactics. Well, great news today, because Rod Fergusson just confirmed it in Twitter: will also arrive on Xbox One.

It’s a question we’ve had since they introduced it, supposedly just for Windows 10, since The Coalition also wanted to bring something special and dedicated to PC users, but the owners of an Xbox One wondered, and why not our console?

Gears Tactics will be the work of Splash Damage

Only a few hours ago Rod Fergusson answered a user pointing out that Splash Damage leads the development of Gears Tactics and with a simple yes, confirmed the version for Xbox One. At least, that is the intention of the fan, as you can read here:

Jassem (user): Speaking about Tactics, who is the team behind him? Is it The Coalition or another study? And the second question is will we ever have the game on Xbox?

Rod Fergusson: It’s a great team of Splash Damage and yes.

A great news for Gears fans the arrival of Gears Tactics on Xbox One. Although we are still waiting for a definitive official announcement, surely in the X019 we will see it completely.

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