Ryzen controller keeps your AMD laptop running at peak performance

The first thing we have to do, if we have not already done so, is to download the program for free from the project page or directly from this link.

Ryzen controller squeezes out maximum performance

Once we download the program, we proceed to install it and run the application to find the main window.

Processor Control with Ryzen Controller


In the main window we find 5 options, four of which will interest us.

Depending on our computer, which has an APU, and its cooling capacity, we must enter reasonable values ​​in the application in order to improve the performance of our Ryzen without damaging it.

Temperature limit in degrees Celsius allows us to determine the maximum temperature that we will allow for our APU, but for now we recommend a maximum value of 90 degrees, until you are fully confident that you can increase this limit without reaching these high temperatures. ,

TDP if the TDP that we want our APU to have the maximum value will depend on the number of cores and the base TDP, we recommend increasing the base value by a maximum of 10 watts.

Increase TDP , is the maximum TDP that can be achieved and we recommend a maximum power of 12 watts over the original TDP.

Min TDP , this is the minimum value that we want our APU to have, we recommend setting it to the same value as the TDP. CPU for gaming.

GPU control


In this section we will find 4 different meanings which are all very interesting.

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Minimum / maximum clock frequency of the graph allows us to control the minimum and maximum clock frequency of the GPU / GRAPHIC PROCESSOR integrated in the APU, which we recommend as values ​​for this field, the minimum and maximum are equal to the maximum, and the maximum should initially be 50 MHz higher than the factory speed and test.

Infnity Fabric Min / Max Frequency no matter how hard you try to raise this value above the maximum frequency of the IF, it will not give any results, so for maximum performance we recommend the minimum and maximum values ​​as the maximum IF value, which is obtained by dividing the speed at which our RAM is running by two for example, if our RAM is running at 2400 MHz, our IF is combined at a maximum frequency of 1200 MHz, and this value cannot be increased.

Power control

pantallazorc3 VRM Current : We have the only really interesting value, which will be the current that we allow the VRM of the motherboard of our laptop to reach, it is difficult to calculate this value and know what maximum we should set, since all motherboards are very different, and there are some VRMs with very poor cooling that can even cause a loss of power, and others well cooled if we put in too much to permanently damage our hardware, so it is advised to be careful with the values ​​we enter into the Ryzen Controller because a great power has a lot of responsibility.

Configurations are customized by us


Ryzen Controller allows us save some presets locally so that we can quickly apply the one we need at any time, for example in the image above you can see how there are different levels of configuration, in which there are two tests to test that are better than the other and one with low performance and low power consumption when we want to make the most of the computer’s battery and squeeze out every possible minute of use.

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It also allows us to see what others have shared and download a list of presets from other users so that we can download the settings other people have tried and see if they work well for us with our laptops, although it’s best to test ourselves. until you find your ideal computer configuration.

Ryzen Controller Configuration


The Ryzen Controller configuration section allows us run the application when we start the computer , it also allows us start folding so it doesn’t bother us and it allows us minimize this in the system tray instead of the taskbar so that it doesn’t take up space.

If we are faced with any problem that our computer automatically restarts the configuration that we apply to it, we have a feature that we install in a matter of seconds, which allows us to periodically apply the required configuration.

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