Sad Windows news from Mac models with Apple silicon processors

tech giant appleShortly before Match It had made a significant processor change in the world. That’s it Apple silicone with processor Match a sad computer windows news there is.

appleFor Mac computers, take the step of ending their dependency on Intel. WWDC 2020threw in and “Apple silicone”, announced that they will switch to using their own processors in the Mac world. Now is Apple silicone processor models. Boot Camp It turns out that he won’t have the support. Boot Camp is Microsoft signed to Intel-based Mac systems windows It allows the operating system to be loaded, and there were really serious users of it. Here one could install both Windows and a Mac on a Mac and choose which one to open on the start screen. However, in the new period, Apple gave up on this process in a way that upset many people. Alright what now? Apple now in Mac virtualization based windows it will focus on its use. In addition, it should be noted that in this process. Reportedly, Microsoft does not sell or license the ARM version of Windows 10 separately. It is said that the company has no plans to change this in the future. In other words, even if Boot Camp support is given, Microsoft needs to take a step in the process. As a result, the Windows experience on Apple silicon-based Macs is no longer just the new operating system. macOS Big Sur within the Parallels Desktop will be made possible through virtualization software such as

Realme GT 2 and GT 2 Pro models will not be exclusive to China

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While the topic of Windows draws attention, about Apple and the big Mac transformation company CEO Tim Cook he said

Mac has always embraced big changes to stay at the forefront of personal computing technology from the very beginning. Today is a historic day for the Mac, as we announced our move to the Apple silicon chip.” “The Apple silicon chip will make the Mac more powerful and capable than ever before, with powerful features and industry-leading performance. I look to the future of the Mac more excited than ever

The company’s 16-inch MacBook Pro model

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