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There is no doubt that Safari is one of the best browsers available today. Many still dare to call it the best in the world due to the extraordinary benefits that have been included. It was originally designed for iOS devices, the factory that was installed for this and for Mac computers. However, it should be noted that many wonder if it is possible to have Safari for Android. That is why we present this publication.

Let’s talk about the advantages of this browser.

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It is true that most people with iPhone have this browser as default. This is due to the incredible speed this tool has to provide access to various websites. Experts said this is the fastest browser on Google Chrome and Firefox

With a simple interface and a great design, of course, it is easy to handle anyone who wants it. However, it is also good to talk about the disadvantages that this program offers. The important thing is to emphasize that you do not have a product store like other browsers. And it’s worth mentioning that not all websites are browser optimized, which can cause some inconvenience.

So can you download Safari for Android?

There are many users who want to get Safari for Android. This is because they believe that this browser is much more powerful than the others or because they want to have all the browsers available on the market.

The truth is that Safari is specifically designed for branded devices Apple. IPhone and MAC devices have a default installation for this product and are very happy with it. Over time, we know that it is now also available for Windows. Although, on the other hand, it should be noted that it has not been released for Android devices. At least not legally, right now.

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There is a way

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Of course, there are ways to get Safari or other iOS tools for our Android devices. Use an app called Cider, which you can download as APK for installation. This program allows us to get the best of both worlds, making it possible to have Safari for Android.

There should be enough space in the device memory for installation and obviously for everything else you want to get. So feel free to find out if Safari is more to your liking than other famous browsers.

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