Safe folder and other Samsung Knox apps and features to protect your mobile

And although with the launch of each generation of Samsung mobile phones such as the recent Galaxy S20, its capabilities are further improved: if you carry a phone from a well-known Korean manufacturer in your pocket, you can keep reading and learning how to protect your data from now on.

Samsung Knox Apps

What is Samsung Knox

Let’s start with the basics, and this is what many may find the name familiar to them, they may have seen it appear on their device, but they don’t really understand what it is.

Samsung Knox is a multi-layered Samsung security platform that is integrated into Samsung devices (as well as all smartphones, tablets, wearables and many other consumer devices) at both the hardware and software level, which allows our devices to enable security and protection mechanisms. that protect information. against intrusions, malware and other threats.

Samsung Knox

In other words, this is our first line of defense against both computer virus attacks and any type of device information leak. And not only does a well-known mobile brand say this, it has been approved by major certification bodies as it has successfully met the stringent security requirements set by major governments around the world.

As such, it is certified by the National Cryptology Center through its certification body as ENS Alto for Samsung Basic Phones and Tablets. Galaxy, stating: “The product family Galaxy protects your confidential data from malicious attacks and malware with a high level of security. The Samsung Knox platform runs on the chip itself from the moment the device is turned on, keeping your customers’ most confidential data safe and avoiding potential information leaks. “

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In addition, although not all mobile phones are certified, but if they meet all the requirements, devices such as Galaxy Note 10 or Tab Active 2, also CommonCriteria Certified (MDFPP).

If you’re curious, here are all the certifications passed by Samsung Knox devices and solutions.

How does this Samsung security platform work?

As we pointed out earlier, Samsung Knox is a multi-layered security platform. This means that it has multiple layers of protection for our personal information and against malicious attacks. These levels will be:

  • Security Enhancements with Security Enhancements for Android (SE for Android)

Knox protects applications and data by strictly defining what each process can do and what data it can access. This allows you to segregate, encrypt, and protect business data in a different managed space.

  • Kernel runtime protection

Checking both at boot time and while running the operating system ensures that it has not been tampered with, which prevents unauthorized kernel access and code modification, and also ensures that this software is approved by Samsung.

Knox takes advantage of a processor architecture in which highly sensitive computing is isolated from the rest of the device to protect business data outside of the Android environment for a higher degree of security.

  • Secure terminal boot with hardware backup

To prevent security measures from being overlooked or compromised, Knox implements this system, which allows you to verify the integrity and authenticity of your phone or tablet software during the boot process.

Personal data can be completely isolated in a secure location on a device called “Safe Folder”.

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And how can you take advantage of this as a user?

The million dollar question because all of these features are useless if we, as users, don’t know how to use them and use them appropriately. So let’s take a look at some of the Knox points you can tweak right now to improve the security of your data.

Let’s start with the “protected folder” we just mentioned. This is an application that integrates into the system, but if we accidentally delete it, we just need to re-download it from the google game.

Price: Free

Safe folder and other Samsung Knox apps and features to protect your mobile 2

We can not only save applications in a protected folder, but also a safe, secure and encrypted space for storing folders and any confidential files of any type, such as documents, photos, etc., which, in addition to encryption, can be protected from “prying eyes” with a password or, even better, opening with biometric means (fingerprint, iris, etc.)

Knox Samsung

It is also a space that allows us to clone and manage applications from different and alternative profiles. For example, if we have a messaging application that we use both personally and professionally, it is possible to separate both realms and accounts as they remain independent and autonomous.

Knox Samsung

Finally, we have a backup and recovery that is independent from the rest of the system and protected. With its help, we can change mobile phones without any problems and take all this sensitive material without any problems.

Other Samsung Services Where You Can Use Knox

While Secure Folder is arguably the most significant application, Samsung Knox is present throughout the Korean company’s smartphone and tablet system. This is why it allows us to take advantage of the security it offers in other aspects such as mobile payments.

Samsung Pay helps protect our card credentials and payment methods because Knox ensures that both the Samsung Pay customer and the Payment Platform and their associated information operate in a sandboxed domain and are trusted.

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On the other hand, Samsung Pass is the identification center for entering various applications such as banking. With biometric identification (iris, fingerprint, etc.) With Samsung Pass, which provides easy and secure identity management as a service, ensuring that our biometric data is encrypted and unchanged and only we can access it access.

And finally, Samsung Health, because while it might seem like data like the coffee we drink, the steps we take, the kilos we lose, or the heart rate detected by a smartwatch or bracelet, they’re commonplace. they are still confidential. And Samsung Knox is concerned that we control them all.

Committed to continuous security

We’ve been talking about mobile phones and tablets all the time, but with the advent of 5G and, above all, the Internet of Things, the number of smart devices will increase dramatically. Samsung already extends Knox protection to them, we just need to look for the ones that put “Protected by Knox” Ensure they have implemented a hardware security architecture that protects the device from the moment it is turned on.

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