Safe Zoom Alternatives for Video Conferencing for Leisure or Work

Security and privacy are not the main features of Zoom. It’s very easy to use and you don’t need too many preconditions to organize a meeting. But its growing use has brought them to light. Millions of people around the world are vulnerable to theft Windows credentials, fake camera and microphone permissions, and many other holes.

Although the company has focused its efforts on protecting the platform from so many holes, its reputation is no longer the same. Prevention is known to be better than regretting any cyberattack, whether at work or during family gatherings. Here are some guidelines if you don’t want to use Zoom.


Best Zoom Alternatives

Jitsy Meeting

Of all the Zoom alternatives that we have tried, it can be considered the most practical and complete. In addition, he offers us a solution with encryption of data in transport, so that we can be more calm about the security and, above all, the privacy of our video conferencing. The best thing about this platform is that you can access all of its features without creating an account and, of course, without paying for a subscription.

You just need to access Official representative in Georgia Jitsi Meet page. At the first moment, you will notice that you can organize a video conference without any steps other than entering the name you want to give. Then just press Go

Safe Zoom Alternatives for Video Conferencing for Leisure or Work 8

In a few minutes, the meeting will start and you will receive all the shortcuts and features you need. You can control the use of your microphone, camera, share the screen with your presentations or programs, stream and much more.

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Safe Zoom Alternatives for Video Conferencing for Leisure or Work 9

By sharing access to your meeting, you have the option to adding password so accessing it has a little more security. For the latter, we recommend using passwords with some difficulty, especially if they are sensitive topics.

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To use the tool more efficiently, when you start using it, you will be prompted to install an extension for Google chrome browser. This way you will be able to integrate your calendars from Google Calendar and Office365. This way, you have the option to log in if you need more detailed observation of the meetings, and you can even get their transcripts.

Skype meet now

Microsoft is back in the ring with its video conferencing platform. Skype is one of the oldest and has a high level of acceptance and use, especially in corporations. This was the result of the introduction of office automation packages such as Office 365, which of course include the use of Skype for business to organize meetings anytime, anywhere.

Skype meet now this is a feature that is available through the “Meet” button on one side of the application. Please note that the maximum number of participants may vary depending on the platform and device used.

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On the other hand, there is a function that allows you to organize conference call without the need to create a Microsoft account or install an app. All you need to do is create a link that you can share with anyone and they can join the call. The link does not expire and if the app is installed on your mobile Skype, you can quickly join meetings created with Meet Now.

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The interesting thing is that you can take advantage of the functions Skypesuch as screen presentation, blurring the background of where you are, and recording appointments. The latter is very useful if you are organizing an online class or an important business meeting that may be attended by people who were unable to attend.

Cisco Webex

Webex was acquired by Cisco several years ago. Since then, this video conferencing solution has been widely adopted by companies. You have the option to try the free plan, and depending on the situation, you can upgrade to a plan that requires a subscription that is billed monthly. However, the free plan already provides you with the functionality you need to be able to schedule occasional appointments, especially if they are for work reasons.

You can create free account , either with personal or corporate e-mail. After you complete the steps to create, you can test Cisco Webex from the Internet. You will also have the option to download the app so that you can manage your meetings from there.

This Cisco alternative allows you to have a personal meeting room where you can quickly start video conferencing. In it, you can organize meetings that will take place both daily and in the future. Either way, you must have a Cisco Webex account to access meetings.

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Like the other solutions we’ve discussed, you can share your full screen, one of the browser tabs you are using, or the specific program you want to show.


This is a very simple alternative to Zoom, especially for those casual meetings or small business meetings. Apart from some of the solutions we have already shared, it allows you to organize video conferencing in minutes and without any special steps. You need to enter Official representative in Georgia Talky portal give your meeting a name and you can start.

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Before starting a meeting, set up your webcam, speaker, and microphone.

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The interface is simple and intuitive, you can easily share a link to a meeting, taking into account that meetings have the ability to up to 6 people

security and privacy our communications, more than ever, is a priority. The increase is one of the proofs that a large number of users may have difficulty seeing a functional application. Especially if it is characterized by the fact that all users remain very vulnerable. We are confident that some of these suggestions will be very helpful so that we can stay connected during such difficult times.

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