Samsung Adds Instant Games to Game Launcher

Saving storage space is one of the workhorses of users. It is true that every manufacturer has given us a mobile with a higher capacity. However, no matter what happens, the memory eventually fills up and in many cases we don’t even have the option to insert a microSD card. In addition, we know that a mobile phone with a small space can cause problems. Currently, Samsung users can try a new feature that allows them to play games without installing games or taking up space.

Samsung Adds Instant Games to Game Launcher

Having your own arcade or control space is something that all the major manufacturers have implemented. In this way, you can better manage all installed headers. In the case of Samsung, this is Launching the game, a library that is responsible not only for organizing games installed by the user, but also for recommending new ones.

Updated Game Launcher

Now the Korean company has released a new update to its Game Launcher ( which contains new features including “Instant games” . These games do not require installation, so they you can play right away just by clicking the “Play” button next to each one. This means complete savings in memory since we only need to be connected to the Internet.

instant games for samsung

While Samsung is expected to expand its selection soon, the user can already test games such as Basketball FRVR, Drag Race FRVR, Gold Train FRVR and Hex FRVR developed by FRVR Games. Samsung has detailed what the names have been chosen for like people of all ages and that they can be launched with one touch. This is another, albeit important, improvement to Game Launcher since its launch. This Game Launcher update also includes a new in-game notification section.

Idea for the future

Remember that Google already offers the option to install instant games from Google games. However, this initiative has not yet gained widespread adoption, as, as a rule, the best or most popular games still require mandatory installation. However, many believe that the future will go through a completely virtual game of a Google Stadium style that doesn’t need to take up internal memory to enjoy the best games from both Google Play and these alternative bazaars from Samsung and other manufacturers.

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