Samsung can kill Galaxy S Dan Galaxy Note Next Series …

Yes, you read it correctly! Samsung can kill Galaxy S and Galaxy Note Series early next year. But wait! Before rushing to trade the site for evaluation Galaxy The current value of the S series in an effort to remove it, tell us, is just series name it may not finish, and not the S series device.

Samsung can could combine it Galaxy S series and Galaxy Note series early next year. The line between the two types of devices has slowly faded. The only great advantage Galaxy Note series devices are over Galaxy The S series is S-Pen. As a company it generally launches new Note smart phone series inside 6 new launch month Galaxy On S-series smartphones, customers are often in a state of confusion in an effort to buy the best Samsung device that was recently launched.

According to the fountain Quoted by Samsung @evleaks, actively evaluating the benefits of combining the two series. If the Korean smartphone giant deserves to step forward, it could produce a new series that will offer the best of both worlds. Reported as “Galaxy One“The new series will offer all the devices in the series with the best deals, including the S-Pen.

End of Galaxy S Dan Note: All about folding

That certainly makes sense and that Seol management clearly understands that it is time to create a place where you can fold smartphones – the next way smartphones which is marked as ‘the future of smartphones‘, Widely.

Samsung has released its first folded smartphone Galaxy Fold at the beginning of this year. The latest report claims that the company is preparing to launch another mysterious foldable smartphone early next year. Therefore, having three multiple devices from various series in the same segment will definitely create a lot of confusion for customers.

Sony wants a wider audience

Despite all those possibilities and justifications, nothing can be said for sure. This is not the first time that reports have emerged about Samsung’s plans to realign the lineup. The company also considered incorporating the previous lineup, but the news did not result in any action.

Samsung sales are strong Galaxy S and Galaxy Note This series of devices always helps companies account for the bulk of smartphone shipments worldwide each quarter. The Korean smartphone giant has maintained its dominant position in the premium and general smartphone market for multiple people Galaxy S and Note The series devices have played an important role in the success of the company. In the second quarter of 2019, Samsung accounted for 22.66% of smartphone shipments worldwide, led by Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 +.

The stage, however, has become challenging for Samsung fairly quickly. Higher penetration of Huawei, a new folding smartphone from Huawei and a strong estimate of sales of the iPhone 11 The newly launched may make Samsung look for money.

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