Samsung confirmed; Galaxy source codes stolen by cyber attack

Headquartered in South Korea, one of the world’s largest technology companies Samsungannounced that it was cyber-attacked.

Samsung, Recently LAPSUS$ hacked by (The company still does not name this group) and full 190GB He made a sound with the news that he had secret data stolen. Confirming the issue today, the company said in the attack. reported that personal information (Customer or employee) was not stolen. Algorithms for biometric unlocking among outgoings, according to sources speaking earlier, all new Samsung for devices “bootloader” source codes, some secret source codes of Qualcomm, source codes of Samsung’s activation servers and Samsung Includes full source codes of the infrastructure used to authorize and verify accounts.

While it is feared that these may cause major security vulnerabilities in the future, the latest statement made by the company is among the outgoing data. Source codes related to Galaxy phones were stolen clearly specified. This is cause for concern and may need to make serious updates to its phones in the future.

You know last week Nvidia also a large cyber attack was faced with. Previously, some sources reported that the process was just a ransomware attack, while others claimed that around 1 TB of data was stolen. The giant manufacturer that just made an official statement nvidia, confirmed the process and confirmed that very key data had begun to be leaked to the internet. It is said that behind the attack also hit Samsung. LAPSUS$ group was included.

Nvidia It still does not explain in detail exactly what data is going, but it is stated that research is continuing in the process. According to some signs, the firm driver and DLSS source codes even among the leaked ones. LAPSUS$ to not publish any more data on the internet at the moment Nvidia asking for money.

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