Samsung Develops Phone with Flexible Slidable Screen

It has been revealed that Samsung is working on a new phone with a scrollable screen. What makes this phone remarkable is that the screen is flexible.

South Korean tech giant of Samsung It turned out that he was working on a new smartphone. The smartphone added to the patent database section of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) website, scrollable It has a screen. When the user pulls the relevant part on the phone, he will also enlarge the screen of his smartphone.

When we look at the patent images, we can see that the scrollable screen of the phone Samsung is working on. a flexible structure We see you have it. In other words, the screen changes place by flexing and sliding, and there is a screen on the back of the phone. This will make it easier to take selfies using the rear camera. For now, whether this device patented by Samsung will become a real product. Unknown.

This is what Samsung’s new phone might look like

Patent images at WIPO reveal that the smartphone will have a triple camera setup. However, as you can imagine, this camera setup technical details it is not clear. By the way; on the scrollable screen of the phone front camera Let’s not go without mentioning that there will be a hole.

Companies like Samsung are constantly getting new product patents. However, these patents only some become commercial products. Other patents are buried in the dusty shelves of history. Considering the current conditions; We know that companies are focusing more on foldable screens. If this approach continues; Our chance to meet Samsung’s new phone at WIPO is low we can say.

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