Samsung Freestyle projector Turkey sale started with gifts

Samsung introduced at CES 2022 Samsung Freestyle projector The official Turkey sale for the model started today.

At first glance it looks like a light Samsung Freestyle projectorIn Turkey 15.999 TL on pre-order with price tag started to be sold. Going on sale earlier than previously said (Transfer 7 March) product available for pre-order Galaxy A32+ comes with battery gift. For those who have not met before, the product, which makes a sound in order to go through it again, with its movable leg system “take the fun anywhere“provides. Sharing the same software foundation as Samsung’s televisions, the product weighs only 830 grams and can create 100-inch images.

For a 1080P projector with built-in 360-degree sound, Samsung reports: “Contrary to traditional and bulky projectors, The Freestyle’s multi-purpose rotating structure provides high image quality on all surfaces such as tables, floors, walls and even ceilings by rotating up to 180 degrees, while not requiring a separate screen surface.”

Samsung Freestyle The projector has another purpose besides image transmission. It also forms the basis ambient lighting is happening. In this regard Samsung it conveys:

The Freestyle can also be used as a lighting device that can change the atmosphere of the environment, thanks to its ambient mode and translucent lens cover when not in use. It can also work as a smart speaker that can analyze the music and match the visual effects projected on the wall, floor or any other surface to the sound.”

Samsung Freestyle You can watch the promotional video of the projector at the top of the page.

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