Samsung Galaxy A series may also receive 3 years of updates

South Korean tech giant Samsunghad promised three years of updates to its flagships under Unpacked 2020. The process can also apply to the intermediate level.

SamsungAs part of Unpacked 2020, the Galaxy S10 series and newer flagships will receive major Android updates for three years. At the same time, the company stated that it will give security updates to these phones on a regular basis, and the users were satisfied with this statement. In this statement, the name of the Galaxy A series was also mentioned. Here “if the hardware is enough” was used and as long as the hardware is sufficient, the new Galaxy A models are also available. will get updates for three years There was such an opinion. Here is a new piece of information about this issue. A customer representative of the company said that “some” Galaxy A devices also three years would receive major Android updates conveyed. However, it is still unknown which devices will benefit from the three-year update process here. The firm may now be trying to pinpoint the devices with enough hardware going forward. is trying. However, it is thought that many mid-range devices released after 2019 will also switch to Android 12 after Android 11.

It would be greatly appreciated if Samsung takes this step on the update.

As we said before, the company, which keeps many very old devices at least with the focus of security updates, will be the main one from now on. Android It seems that it will not regret people about its updates. In the world of Android phones, 3 years of updates seems more than enough for many users. Of course, more would be nice, but the company releases dozens of different phones every year. It is unlikely that so many devices will be constantly updated over the years. In addition, the Android infrastructure constantly demands more powerful systems.

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