Samsung Galaxy Review active reviews 2: Get to work with a smart watch …

When Samsung released Galaxy Look at Smartwatch that focuses on active physical activity, we give it 4 out of 5 strong stars and praise it for being a solid smartwatch, even if it is strangely not a great fitness tracker.

Samsung has decided to bite the cherry again and reveal it Galaxy Watch Active 2, a small but potentially significant upgrade to older smartwatches, to be sold alongside its predecessor rather than replace it.

There are two diameter sizes to choose from: 44mm and 40mm, and at IFA 2019 in Berlin, we have a larger version of Galaxy Active clock 2.

Samsung Galaxy Active watch 2: Main specifications, price and release date

  • 40mm and 44mm diameter options
  • 1.2in to 1.4 on a 360 x 360 AMOLED screen
  • 46.3 g
  • Battery life: smart watch mode 5days six hours GPS + music playback
  • 1 .15 GHz Exynos 9110 chip
  • RAM up to 1.5GB
  • 4 GB of storage
  • IP68 is rated
  • Built-in GPS and ECG sensor
  • Bluetooth and WiFi
  • A user interface and Samsung Health software
  • LTE option
  • Available in three colors.
  • UK Price: from £ 269
  • UK release date: TB, estimated at the end of September

Galaxy Active watch 2: Design, main features and first impressions

You will find it very difficult to find many differences between Galaxy Look active 2 and its predecessor. Both feature a round watch face and a button buffer on the right side to control various functions, including quick navigation between various screens.

That is not bad Galaxy Active Watch is a good looking device with good build quality and a profile that is not too thick for a full smart watch. Screen on screen Galaxy Active Watch 2 has been increased slightly by 0.1 inches on the 40mm model to give the screen 1.2 inches, while the 44mm version has a 1.4 inch screen

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Speaking of specs, there’s no new processor here, which is a bit of a letdown, though the original dual-core Exynos 9110 isn’t hunched over. Everything seems to work smoothly on the Internet Galaxy Active Clock 2, if not at lightning speed.

Samsung has increased the number of photodiodes on the bottom of the watch to eight; double that of its predecessor. Supposedly, it will improve heart rate detection from the watch, which is pretty good in Active for longer.

A significant change is the addition of an ECG (electrocardiogram) sensor, which verifies; The heart generates electrical signals under the user’s skin each time it beats. This offers a fairly simple way to see if someone’s ticker is working properly.

Than Apple Watch Series 4 has such characteristics, and there are arguments that may justify the increase to Galaxy Watch Active 2 from older devices than Samsung since it could, and potentially emphasize, saving someone’s life if you encourage them to go to the hospital when irregular heart activity is detected.

There will be a version with built-in LTE connectivity, which will also receive a memory boost, giving it 1.5GB of RAM instead of 768MB on other models. And there’s the same 230mAh battery in the 40mm model found in the first-generation Active, which is a bit of a disappointment because people always expect an increase in battery life in the later device.

If you think there are a lot of businesses as always here, then we are concerned that it is the same on the software side. Samsung hasn’t pushed for new software features to be added, although Bixby seems to be more integrated with the watch app, though we can’t test it at the Samsung booth.

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And there’s room for Samsung to add more software to the mix later, but Samsung Health is still the top exercise app on the watch, which is not one of our favorite bits of fitness and health tracking software.

However, there are other important changes in this. Galaxy Watch Active 2, and the return of the rotating bezel is seen with Samsung smartwatches that are older as Galaxy Seeing Only this time, the bezel didn’t really rotate. Instead, it uses a touch-sensitive band to activate playback navigation from watch applications and software, without relying on moving parts.

These are the first days, but we prefer to use a rotating bezel. It’s pretty accurate when translating our touch into motion through the app’s wheel interface. There’s a nice little haptic response, which helps make the entire navigation process of a host of digital watch faces and apps, loaded with information ranging from heart rate and steps to weather warnings and calendars, more intuitive.

We don’t know how well those features work when running or performing other sweat-producing exercises, because the cell phone is tethered to the mount and a serious German security guard looks menacingly at us. But the touchscreen is quite responsive, which means if you want to check your heart rate while running, just slide your finger towards the watch screen with a heart rate reading, instead of using a touch-sensitive bezel.

However, the new pseudo-rotating bezel is a great addition and keeps us from being too disappointed at the lack of other changes to smartwatches.

Switching to the color options, there are three to choose from: Cloud Silver, Aqua Black, Pink Gold. These names can raise eyebrows, but they are quite pleasing to the eyes, even though black looks more stylish and practical for everyday use.

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Galaxy Active watch 2: First impressions

For the starting price of £ 269 for the 40mm version and the highest price of £ 419 for the 44mm LTE model, Galaxy Active Watch 2 feels more expensive than its predecessor, which cost £ 220 when we reviewed it. That’s a premium enough to pay for some minor increases.

If you are looking for your first smart watch, then Galaxy Look 2 are preparing to be decent, even though we are not 100% sure it is a fitness tracker. If you have an older model, you need to consider if the ECG sensor and rotating bezel are fake with proportional haptic feedback.

We will know more when we have Galaxy Active clock 2 to check correctly. But we are optimistic for a while that it may be a strong outfit.

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