Samsung Galaxy S11 with 108 Mpx and 10x camera in Optical Zoom?

One of the most important historical facts in technology would be to meet the next Samsung Galaxy S11 in 2020. The South Korean firm would be proposing in its new flagship, a camera that would exceed 48 Mpx that currently, have managed to get other different models.

According to different Android news the web, the new Samsung Galaxy S11 would be able to accommodate a lens with more than 100 Mpx. This is really impressive if we take into consideration, that we would have an exceptional resolution and where an approach to a specific region of the photograph taken, did not suffer any type of pixelated.

Samsung Galaxy S11 and its new camera

Of course we are talking about a certain number of rumors, same as have been generated from an account of Twitter (whose apparent user is Ice Universe). We ourselves have not found that publication and therefore, we still think that they are unfounded rumors.

We managed to find the news in the GizChina’s blog but still, we cannot trust everything that is said there. Anyway, the different Android news the web suggest that the South Korean firm would be working with new sensors (IsoCell Bright HMX) that would achieve their stated objective. The suggested amount is 108 Mpx resolution.

As if this were not enough, it is said that this same terminal (Samsung Galaxy S11) would have the ability to make an approach up to 10 times more, of what we have seen until today. This means that the optical zoom technology would be 10X. For us, this second part of the news is really exceptional since we could try to take a picture as close as possible, to have that scene captured in great quality.

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The project would be ready to be delivered in the next year (2020) and some technological experts suggest that the South Korean firm would be ahead of Xiaomi since it would be about to present a model at the end of this year that would have this same lens. According to the different Android news on the web, the model would be called Xiaomi Mi MIX4 and the resolution of the photographs taken with that camera would be 12,032 × 9024 px.

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