Samsung Galaxy S20 FE: a 5G smartphone at €1 (+€7/month) with the Bouygues Telecom Sensation 90 GB plan


Why always pay more for your new smartphone? This is the question Bouygues Telecom answers by offering you nothing less than the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G, a device with a very impressive technical sheet, for a price of only €1 (+€7/month) when ordering. thanks to the Sensation package with Advantage Smartphone 90 GB.

See the Samsung S20 FE (5G) offer at €1 with Bouygues Telecom

With the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, the Korean manufacturer allows the majority of its fans to get their hands on the best of mobile technology. For this very particular model, Samsung listened to its customers and took into account their various comments in order to set up a phone that is both aesthetically appealing but also at the cutting edge of technology.

Samsung Galaxy S20FE: AMOLED or nothing!

The smartphone dazzles first of all with its screen of a very pleasant size of 6.5 inches. As with all of its high-end models, Samsung offers a device with almost no edges or home button allowing you to enjoy a very large display surface and its content without any visual distraction.


The screen technology is unsurprisingly AMOLED, allowing you to achieve infinite contrast ratios to enjoy these streaming videos in the best possible image quality. The screen also supports the HDR standard for a wider color palette and more vibrant brightness when reading. Its Full HD+ definition finally allows you to enjoy more defined fonts but also more details in each image.

A design that is not left to chance

In terms of design, the brand has chosen a plastic back, but beware, not just any second-rate plastic like you find on so many entry-level models. To the touch, the sensation is exemplary and recalls the brushed metal of certain premium devices, the weight of the material less. With only 190 grams on the scale, despite its large format, the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE offers excellent handling even after several hours of use.

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The brand has declined its device in many colors so that your smartphone adapts to your tastes and not the other way around. You can choose from shades as dazzling as red, green, blue, but also white, orange or even the lavender model.

A smartphone without performance compromise

For the performance of its smartphone, Samsung did not skimp on the means and used the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor, one of the most powerful offered by the American founder. This chip is suitable for all uses, whether you use your phone throughout the day to communicate with your loved ones and consult social networks but also for music and video streaming applications as well as for video games. Even the most power-hungry titles that display sumptuous graphics worthy of game consoles run smoothly thanks to the performance of this chip designed to be effective for several years.

The smartphone has 128 GB of storage space to deposit and keep all your photos and videos but also all of your applications. You will never run out of space and can continue to photograph freely or play all the games you want without worrying about the remaining space.

The Snapdragon 865 also allows the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE to offer compatibility with 5G networks. As you know, the deployment of the new mobile telephony standard has more than just begun in France and Europe and the largest cities are already covered. It is only a matter of months for the majority of the territories to be also concerned. No time to lose, therefore, and the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE allows you to be ready to take advantage of ultra-fast speeds and greatly reduced latency during your connections when you can receive 5G. Thanks to the Bouygues 5G network, you can download your series episodes and your applications in just a few seconds, but also play online with your friends or by using cloud gaming solutions to enjoy the best of video games on the move on your screen. smartphones.

A well-equipped S20 Fan Edition for the photo

For the photo, Samsung offers with its Galaxy S20 FE three 12 megapixel sensors for the main lens, 8 megapixels for the telephoto lens and finally 12 megapixels for the ultra wide-angle. The results are very good, with a beautiful reproduction of details and colors in each image. The passage of a sensor is done quickly via the dedicated photo application and allows you in no time to find the best frame to immortalize your most memorable memories.

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Autonomy is ensured by a 4,500 mAh battery that allows you to enjoy a day of use without going through a charger. The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE also offers wireless charging with a compatible accessory.

Bouygues Telecom Sensation 90 GB: a complete package for a premium smartphone

To take advantage of this phone at the best price, simply order it alongside the Bouygues Telecom Sensation 90 GB package on the operator’s website. This package is available at a promotional price of €33.99 for 12 months then €48.99/month thereafter with a 24-month commitment. If you are already a bbox customer, you can benefit from a €7 discount on your monthly bill.

The price of your Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G is €51 when ordering, then €7/month during the 24 months of your commitment to Bouygues Telecom. You will then be reimbursed €50 via a reimbursement offer to be completed on the operator’s website.


See the Samsung S20 FE (5G) offer at €1 with Bouygues Telecom

Now that you know everything there is to know about the offer, let’s go into a little more detail about the Bouygues Telecom Sensation 90 GB package.

A truly comprehensive Sensation mobile plan

This package offers you to start with no less than 90 GB of mobile internet to use each month on the 4G network, but also 5G from the operator which covers almost the entire French population. Wherever you are, on vacation, on a business trip or at home, you benefit from a very fast speed to browse the web but also from signal quality and great stability for your video calls and your downloads.

For your journeys in Europe and the overseas departments, Bouygues Telecom offers you 35 GB per month to use in order to stay connected during all your journeys.

On weekends, data is unlimited at Bouygues Telecom, only in mainland France. As the operator knows that it is during your outings with friends or your travels that you need your smartphone the most, you can enjoy the Internet on the move without any restrictions on Saturdays and Sundays, without touching your your data envelope.

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Regarding calls and SMS/MMS, they are of course unlimited in mainland France but also from Europe, the overseas departments and Switzerland. With the Sensation 90 GB plan, you also get unlimited calls to mobiles in the United States, Canada, China and to landlines in a total of 120 destinations.

Benefit from all the Bouygues Telecom advantages

This package also offers you a large number of smartphone advantages, such as the possibility of renewing your device after the end date of your contract at a more than advantageous price. You also benefit from payment facilities on your next purchase as well as assistance and a phone loan in the event of theft or loss of your mobile. It is also possible to trade in your old device to save a few hundred euros on your purchase, while doing a good deed for the planet.

A second SIM card is offered to you to equip for example a tablet or a 4G key so that you never find yourself disconnected during your travels.

This Sensation 90 GB package also gives you access to very advantageous bonuses such as access to the Cafeyn platform, which offers dozens of press titles accessible from the screen of your smartphone but also access to the daily L’Equipe for sports lovers or even a Pop Culture package with several TV channels accessible from your Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G.

Finally HD is offered to you with your package with the possibility of enjoying 50 television channels on your mobile screen from the dedicated mobile application.

See the Samsung S20 FE (5G) offer at €1 with Bouygues Telecom

All you have to do is subscribe to this new offer on the Bouygues Telecom site to get your Samsung Galaxy S20 FE in just a few days and take advantage of its power and design.

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