Samsung Galaxy S21 ads to send iPhone 12 Pro Max [İzle]

Samsung Galaxy S21 specific to the series iPhone 12 Pro Max new advertisements have been published. The firm has two items against its competitor. shoots.

South Korean tech giant Samsungcontinues to be uploaded to its biggest competitor through its advertisements. Yes, we are talking about Apple here.

Samsung is at the top of the Android side and every phone is brought up against iPhones. The company is also aware of this and wants to attract iPhone users to their devices.

Here are two different ads that you can watch below. Here directly Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and iPhone 12 Pro Max being compared.

The first ad features the 108-megapixel main camera of the Galaxy S21 Ultra. This camera is 12 megapixel iPhone 12 Pro Max It is shown to offer more detail than the camera. Apple hasn’t increased the resolution over the years.

One thing must be noted here. Megapixel level doesn’t make any sense on its own. High megapixels must be supported by a large sensor. However, there is still a significant difference between 12 megapixels and 108 megapixels.

Although the sensor is small here computational photography infrastructure comes into play. Samsung can handle 108 megapixels well with current processors.

In the other video, the big zoom level brought by the Galaxy S21 Ultra with its periscope camera, which is not in the 12 Pro Max, is revealed. There is a possibility that Apple will switch to the periscope camera in 2022 or 2023 iPhones.

Will Samsung Galaxy S21 ads with iPhone 12 Pro Max send change the user’s mind?

Of course, such advertisements have an effect. However, Apple still has a high level of superiority in sales. Samsung is the world’s largest phone manufacturer, as its product line is so wide.

Samsung Galaxy S21 series could be the best models with under-display camera

But when you look at the latest figures, the iPhone 12 models still sell the most at the top level.

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