Samsung Galaxy S21: Samsung’s first mobile phone with a hidden camera

The most important high-end mobile phones of the end of 2020 and 2021 will begin to take the next step in camera technology. Looking for full screen lens , selfie camera will hide under the screen and permanently remove notches and pop-up cameras. This is how we saw it in the new ZTE Axon 20 5G, but this is technology that other brands, including Samsung, have incorporated into.

Many pre-launch rumors Galaxy Note 20 confirmed that this could be the first Samsung family to have a camera of this type. In the end, it was not, and even Note The 20 Ultra does not integrate this type of hidden selfie sensor. So everybody bets now on Galaxy S21 , which is expected to be released in early 2021.

Samsung Galaxy S21

More advanced camera

This time it was the famous leader of the Ice Universe who made sure that the first Samsung mobile with hidden front camera will Galaxy S21. It also ensures that Samsung’s solution is far superior to other brands and that Samsung phones have higher requirements for under-screen camera effects compared to other brands. In other words, Samsung doesn’t mind coming a little later than ZTE or other brands that might launch the technology earlier if the results are better than the competition.

Samsung Galaxy S21: Samsung's first mobile phone with a hidden camera 2

Samsung Display’s under-screen camera solution is much ahead of other solutions, and Samsung mobile phones have stricter requirements for under-screen camera effects than other brands. When the two meet, the under-screen camera of the Galaxy S21 is in Schrodinger’s cat state.

Comparison of photos of iPhone 12 Pro Max and Pixel 4a


We have known for a long time that brands such as OPPO, Xiaomi and Samsung itself, worked for a lot of time on a solution that is the future and definitive solution to offer full-screen designs without the need for new mechanical cameras. Since ZTE is the first company to make a commercial bet in this regard, we were able to better understand how it works. However, achieving good results remains an engineering challenge that has so far delayed its commercialization.

s21 concept

Apple also lags behind

As explained in the Chinese firm, the hidden selfie sensor has five technologies: a special screen material, a dual control chip, a single driver circuit, a special pixel matrix and a proprietary shooting algorithm. Ice Universe also showed that Apple will eliminate the notch in the iPhone 2021, since the company Apple also located behind the cameras below the screen.

Source> Ice Universe (Twitter)

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