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Samsung announced again with Galaxy S10 which has been integrated Instagram Story shooting mode in the mobile camera app. You can switch with a sweep and shoot directly at Instagram Stories, including videos. I, like most people, scoffed at the idea. I can only open Instagram application to use all the capabilities of Story, or take photos on the camera and share them with my feed, so why should I bother with others? Instagram mode on the camera itself?

I’m already deep inside Instagram History lately and using Galaxy Note 10+, so I decided to give a special Instagram a test mode: it turns out to have great advantages compared to photography from Instagram application and I immediately hooked But it only took me a few days to realize that this conclusion was pointless; That is really very bad. That’s why … and how Samsung can do better.

If you use Instagram The stories, the idea of ​​putting them in a camera app is good.

I used to be so eager to experiment with Instagram on camera for various reasons. First, it allows you to switch between standard and telephoto ultra-wide-angle lenses, as opposed to Instagram application, which is a big problem. Also, each photo you take will be saved in your gallery before is shared with Instagram Stories to edit, so you get a clean version without having to save it manually (or forget and lose it entirely). Finally, I am excited to take original photos in the camera app because, in theory, the quality will be higher than taking photos directly in Story, which has very poor quality.

Yes, apparently just one of these things actually Useful, and there is a lot of experience that needs improvement if I use it again. The benefit of being able to legally choose between the three cameras is the best reason to use Instagram Mode: Changing perspectives with rhythms is very useful, and once you get used to the feature, you’ll miss it a lot when shooting in the original story. I a lot want Instagram provides a type of API to allow mobile device manufacturers to display their various cameras in the app.

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But it turns out that my expectations for higher quality shooting in camera apps are completely wrong. Take a photo with Instagram The mode leads to the same poor quality. (This basically boils down to Instagram the story uses a cropped video source, and when it takes a “photo” it just draws a frame, which is much lower than the full sensor’s shooting resolution.) And that negates any benefit of storing photos before sharing … Because I don’t want to keep bad photos I suppose it should also be taken into account that Instagram Story mode does not offer a variety of filters and direct effects Instagram The application.

Ironically it’s a smaller part of Instagram-in-partnership-camera-Samsung is much more useful: there is an option to share a rhythm after taking a photo anything way to send you directly Instagram food or history. This, in the end, was accomplished the most what I want: you can take photos with one of the three cameras, use all the camera functions, get full quality photos, store them locally and also share it quickly Instagram. You just don’t get the right aspect ratio or quick access to the video you want Instagram History

Then there is another quirk that really bothers me. Every photo taken with Instagram the mode in the camera app accepts the share tag “#withGalaxy” in the upper left corner of the Story interface, which when touched doesn’t even lead to hashtag search … leads directly to @ SamsungMobile Instagram account. Now call me old-fashioned, but it feels a little slimy: there’s zero the reason why Samsung has to force this type of advertising on people who want to use Instagram camera mode. Of course, there are companies like Huawei and OnePlus (and others) offer a the chose Watermark in the camera app, but it is on by default and cannot be turned off. That’s the simplest reason that I never use Instagram in the camera app, even if all my other complaints are handled. Come on, Samsung, think about this and realize that it doesn’t make you look good.

Samsung’s failure with Instagram many modes, but they can also be arranged.

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So the disturbing part of this whole experiment is that I finally landed Good back to where I started: take photos with the camera app and share them Instagram manually and use Instagram application for most of my stories. For the former, the quality is dramatically higher, and I can use all three cameras as I like; And lastly, I only endured a lower story quality knowing I wouldn’t mind saving the photos. Also, most importantly, I am not required to advertise for Samsung Instagram Account.

Samsung’s failure with this Instagram integrating the camera app is frustrating because of me a lot I want to use this mode. If Samsung can provide higher quality by shooting directly at Instagram The story, while allowing you to switch between cameras and remove the stupid #withGalaxy tag, will make Samsung phones the best choice for Instagram Maybe history Instagram I don’t want to offer some kind of in-depth access to the platform, but it will be a beneficial scenario for Samsung and Instagram second

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