Samsung isn’t leaving LG for OLED TVs despite QD-OLED panels

South Korean tech giants Samsung and LG, OLED TV is on our agenda once again. taking.

Samsung screen panel manufacturer under the umbrella of Samsung Display, currently QD-OLED It is a name that prepares special OLED panels. The panels produced by the company were first showcased by Sony at CES 2022. Sony, which has always used OLED panels from LG Display, introduced it at CES 2022. Bravia XR A95K TV The model included a Samsung signed 4K OLED panel.

Previously Sony’s Samsung Display signed OLED panels, for Samsung’s first OLEDs that have not been introduced yet.LG Display will use a signed panelWe said that he may have eliminated his claim. Also at that time, we should not talk about it definitively because we told Samsung that LG Display may have panel support for large-scale sales. Judging by the latest information, this situation has turned out to be true.

Because Samsung’s Samsung Display QD-OLED Despite the panels, it turned out that it will buy OLED panels from LG Display company. Now, Korean-based sources are very confident about this. Samsung directly from LG W-OLED It is stated that it will buy OLED panels, which is called as OLED panels, and will sell many OLED TVs by the end of the year using these.

In Samsung’s first OLED TVs, which are expected to arrive in the first half of 2022, it is directly QD-OLED panels are expected. W-OLED panels, on the other hand, can be seen in other OLED televisions of the company.

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