Samsung Neo QLED QN90 TV model goes on sale in Turkey

Samsung launches new high-tech 4K HDR gaming Samsung Neo QLED QN90 TV model to users in Turkey presented.

for 50 inch in Turkey 24,684 TLfor 55 inch 29,473 TLfor 65 inch 40,210 TLfor 75 inch 52,631 TL and finally full for 85 inch 72,105 TL with selling price Samsung Neo QLED QN90 TV Samsung Turkey said: While the model of “Neo QLED QN90 with 50” and 144Hz screen refresh rate meets all the needs of gamers, 55”, 65”, 75” and 85” 120Hz models are also sold in Turkey. As with all QLED and Neo QLED models, Samsung offers a 10-year warranty against screen burn-in on the QLED QN90.

It also focuses on the perfect experience for gamers who want the most powerful PC games and more. The increased screen refresh rate, reaching 144Hz, is among the remarkable features of the Samsung QN90 Gaming TV. This feature avoids annoying video shakes by providing smooth gameplay.”

Especially for the TV on which the game is focused, the following are also transferred: “The Super Ultra Widescreen is another distinctive feature, guaranteeing a premium, high-end view in games. The 21:9 and 32:9 options added to the traditional 16:9 format provide an instant performance boost as it improves the map width and the images of the opponents in all games. The ‘Game Menu’, which is also intuitive, allows you to quickly get information about FPS, HDR, Bluetooth headset connection and other settings, even during the game.

The Neo QLED QN90 has four HDMI 2.1 ports This makes it easier to choose between multimedia equipment. In addition, ‘Freesync Premium Pro’, which is among the features of the TV, can synchronize between console, PC and TV frequencies. This prevents imperfect graphics and image distortions. Its low response speed allows commands to be displayed instantly.”

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The model is also quite assertive in terms of sound. Samsung Turkey has the following to say about it:The advantages of the Neo QLED QN90 to users regarding image quality are also groundbreaking. The Neo QLED QN90 includes excellent technologies for gaming in 4K HDR, using all the graphics capabilities of today’s consoles and PCs. Neo QLED QN90 offers a more immersive visual experience thanks to its Quantum MiniLED technology, which includes a microscopic lens that is 40 times smaller than conventional LEDs.

Audio is also a key component of the experience delivered by the Neo QLED QN90. The Dolby Atmos feature, which emits immersive and versatile sound, and ‘Object Tracking Audio’ technologies that allow you to follow the sound of objects in the scene, provide a realistic sound experience. It also dramatically improves sound quality with 60W RMS energy and 4.2.2 audio channels.

Next to the TV comes the ‘Q Symphony’, which increases the power of the speakers by synchronizing the Samsung Soundbar. In addition to its features for gamers, the Neo QLED QN90 offers an excellent option for those who want to watch other types of content such as TV series, movies and sports in maximum quality in cinema sound and image. “

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