Samsung phones and tablets announced to receive Android 11 in Turkey this month

Samsung, In Turkey, Android 11 continues to work. There are devices that will go to the new version this month, in July.

As far as we know last month in Turkey Samsung Galaxy A31, Galaxy M11, Galaxy A21s, Galaxy A12, Galaxy Tab Active 3, Galaxy A01, Galaxy A30, Galaxy Tab A7, Galaxy A11, Galaxy Tab A7, Galaxy Tab S5e, Galaxy A02s and Galaxy A30S models Android 11 got the operating system.

Samsung Turkey According to the list published by july per month Android 11 will receive other telephone and tablet The models are exactly like this:

“Galaxy A01 Core, Galaxy Tab A, Galaxy A10, Galaxy A10s, Galaxy A20, Galaxy A20s, Galaxy A02, Galaxy XCover 4s, Galaxy Tab Active Pro

Most of the top phones and tablets july It will switch to Android 11 before it expires. However, as we always say, there may be some changes in the update releases. There is a possibility that other devices will be added to the list above soon.

Samsung Android 11 will of course continue its work for Android 12

Active work of the company has started for Android 12. Samsung is expected to start extensive work on Android 12 at the end of the summer.

Official Turkey sale begins for iPhone 12 Mini and 12 Pro Max

Android 12 deployments in Turkey may start with high-end flagships in the first quarter of 2022, according to our estimations.

So which phones from Samsung will switch to Android 12? Here is the list that is close to 100 percent certain on this subject:

Samsung Galaxy S series

-Galaxy S21 Ultra (LTE/5G)
-Galaxy S21+ (LTE/5G)
-Galaxy S21 (LTE/5G)
-Galaxy S20 Ultra (LTE/5G)
-Galaxy S20+ (LTE/5G)
-Galaxy S20 (LTE/5G)
-Galaxy S20 FE (LTE/5G)
-Galaxy S10 5G
-Galaxy S10
-Galaxy S10+
-Galaxy S10e
-Galaxy S10 Lite

Galaxy Note series

-Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (LTE/5G)
Galaxy Note 20 (LTE/5G)
-Galaxy Note 10+ (LTE/5G )
-Galaxy Note 10 (LTE/5G)
-Galaxy Note 10 Lite

Galaxy Z series

-Galaxy Fold (LTE/5G)
-Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G
-Galaxy Z Flip
-Galaxy Z Flip 5G

Galaxy A series

-Galaxy A71 5G
-Galaxy A71
-Galaxy A51 5G
-Galaxy A51
-Galaxy A52
-Galaxy A52 5G
-Galaxy A72
-Galaxy A90 5G
-Galaxy A01
-Galaxy A11
-Galaxy A31
-Galaxy A41
-Galaxy A21
-Galaxy A21s
-Galaxy A Quantum
-Galaxy Quantum 2
-Galaxy A42 5G
-Galaxy A02
-Galaxy A02s
-Galaxy A12
-Galaxy A32
-Galaxy A32 5G

Galaxy M series

-Galaxy M42 5G
-Galaxy M12
-Galaxy M62
-Galaxy M02s
-Galaxy M02
-Galaxy M21
-Galaxy M21s
-Galaxy M31
-Galaxy M31 Prime Edition
-Galaxy M51
-Galaxy M31s

Galaxy F series

-Galaxy F41
-Galaxy F62
-Galaxy F02s
-Galaxy F12

Galaxy Xcover series

-Galaxy Xcover Pro
-Galaxy Xcover 5

Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet series

-Galaxy Tab S7+ (LTE/5G)
-Galaxy Tab S7 (LTE/5G)
-Galaxy Tab S6 5G
-Galaxy Tab S6
-Galaxy Tab S6 Lite
-Galaxy Tab A 8.4
-Galaxy Tab A7
-Galaxy Tab Active 3

Of course, other Samsung phone models that will be released in the coming period will also be included in this list. The company will update many of its new models for three years.

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