Samsung removes mocked ads Apple remove the headphone jack from iPhone

When Apple throw iPhone 7 without Jack for headphones, some use that function to make fun of. Like Samsung, which launched an ad in 2017 known as “Growing Up” that showed users who had bought iPhones for years, until they realized that it “failed” in profits. Galaxy.

Three years later Samsung has followed the same path Apple removing the 3.5mm port on your device Galaxy Note 10. The company also has removed the evidence pointing to your video Growing Up removes it from almost all its official channels in YouTube.

It is never too late to make the right decision. Time to update!

It is surprising that the phrase used in his “Do what you cannot do” campaign also applies to what has just been announced. Galaxy Note 10, Which has sacrificed the basic performance of the series. Note to have superior battery and haptic response.

Samsung is one of the latest companies to make the jump to a cell phone without a 3.5mm jack on its high-end phones. It is never too late to take the single port train, although we do not know if it is the right option, because carrying a headphone adapter is annoying.

Ad Growing still on some Samsung profiles in other countries this could change in the next few hours. As also proven by the Samsung Mobile page, in Wayback Machine and dozens of copies uploaded by other users to YouTubethe next double dongleIt is part of a campaign that Samsung will definitely want to forget.

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