Samsung Signs Agreement with Nokia to Use Video Patents

The South Korean manufacturer Samsung and the Finnish Nokia signed this Thursday (11) an agreement for the use of patents between the companies.

Under the deal, Samsung will license Nokia-registered technologies involving “innovations in video standards”, paying royalties when they are used. The amounts involved were not disclosed by the parties, as well as details of what was released for use.

Samsung and Nokia have had other similar deals before, with the first being signed as early as 2016. The deal has nothing to do with the Nokia mobile phone brand, which is currently a license obtained by HMD Global.

History in the area

In all, Nokia has won four Emmy Awards in the Technology & Engineering category. The last one was achieved now in 2021, thanks to the brand’s contributions in the development of the ISO Base Media File Format

The work of licensing patents is one of Nokia’s biggest current sources of income: it has invested €129 billion in research and development over the past 20 years to build a varied catalog of more than 20,000 sets of intellectual properties. They especially involve telecommunications, like 5G, and multimedia, like the current case.

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