Samsung Smart TVs will receive an Xbox Cloud Gaming app this year

Xbox Smart TV Samsung © Microsoft

The information had leaked Start of the week and it was almost immediately confirmed by Microsoft. Xbox Cloud Gaming will debut this June on samsung televisions.

The American firm will focus on Cloud gaming in the years to come. Thus, the Xbox catalog will be accessible far beyond consoles, PCs and other mobile media. Soon, Smart TVs will in turn be able to benefit from this feature. Microsoft has just formalized the news from its site. Soon gamers won’t need to use an Xbox machine to access their favorite games.

Everything dematerialized becomes clearer

Once again, Microsoft is partnering with Samsung for the deployment of an unprecedented initiative. Indeed, the South Korean brand’s Smart TVs released in 2022 will receive the Xbox application from June 30. This app will notably allow you to launch more than 100 games via Cloud gaming. Everything will be made accessible via the Samsung Gaming Hub and the user will then have to log in to their Microsoft account.

It is important to specify that the catalog made up of more than a hundred games is reserved for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. The others will only be able to start Fortnite in free-to-play from the application. Of course, a Bluetooth controller (Xbox Elite Series 2, DualSense, etc.) will be required to be able to play.

Source : XboxWire

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