Samsung’s SmartTag+ integrate virtual reality for devices with UWB technology

Galaxy SmartTag Plus

After the Galaxy SmartTag in January, Samsung is now marketing its “+” version in France.

A SmartTag+ that gives pride of place… to augmented reality!

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Augmented reality for the Galaxy SmartTag+!

In this month of May, Samsung is launching the marketing of its new SmartTag+. This new model will integrate BLE technologies
(Bluetooth Low Energy) and UWB (Ultra-Wideband) to optimize location accuracy.

Indeed, this new version will be responsible for guiding the user simply and visually using augmented reality to the precise location of the object attached to the SmartTag+.


On a smartphone equipped with UWB technology, such as the Galaxy S21+ 5G or S21 Ultra 5G, the function
AR Finder guides the user through an intuitive interface that shows the distance to their
Galaxy SmartTag+ and points it in the right direction
explains Samsung.

From then on, it will be possible to ring the SmartTag+ to finally get your hands on your keys, backpack or other. Samsung indicates that the SmartTag+ uses BLE connectivity and the power of the network formed by the
other Galaxy devices, to help locate objects on a map, even if they are far away from their owner.


Remember that the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag is offered at a unit price of €29.90. Now it remains to be seen at what price the “+” version will be displayed.

Source: Samsung press release

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