Saurik Releases Major Update For Cydia's Substrate

Jay Freeman, aka Saurik, has released a new Cydia Substrate update that will help improve its reliability on iOS 13 devices. The update has been released in the Sam Bingner repository and works with iOS 13.x, and iOS versions. released before.

According to the changelog accompanying the release, this update should fix a serious loss of resources that would have caused The Substrate to break and crash.

What makes this particular release of Saurik all the more significant aside from The fact that it solves a major issue with Substrate is The fact that it has actively stopped working on Cydia and supporting The New Jailbreaks. The hackers had stopped supporting Cydia and other jailbreak related projects due to their personal commitments.

As Saurik stopped updating Cydia and Cydia Substrate, which is essential for tweaking, jailbreak developers are behind The Unc0ver jailbreak took care of updating Cydia and its components to work with their jailbreak releases. However, Cydia’s 0.9.7100 substrate changes that for now with Cydia’s own founder’s release.

The update for Cydia Substrate 0.9.7011 is available through Sam Bingner’s The Default Repository. The update may not appear on your Changes page, in which case you should go to Sources>> System and download it manually. The update is recommended for all users, especially those running Cydia and iOS 13 Jailbreak dependent on Cydia substrate (including unc0ver and checkra1n).

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