Serious screen issue affecting multiple Google Pixel 5s

Serious screen issue affecting multiple Google Pixel 5s

For those who don’t know Google this year has thrown us back and left us without pixel 5 … Users who want to get their smartphones from Spain will have to resort to imported mobile phone distributors as the brand has decided not to sell its new mobile phone within our borders.

There is no harm that is not good, because at first no potential phone buyer will have to experience the headache that several American users have experienced who bought a mobile phone and were surprised to find out how smartphone starts to break

This is how they show their displeasure on the Google support forums.

pantalla pixel 5

Gap between screen and bezel on Google Pixel 5

Some early adopters new Google Pixel 5 They are beginning to notice a gap between the phone’s bezel and the screen, which could jeopardize the IP rating of the phone, and if it increases, further problems with the fragility of the phone. device.

The problem occurs immediately after unpacking the phone, not due to use or after being hit. As you can see in user-contributed images, some devices in the phone have a small gap between the plastic display bezel and the aluminum bezel. The reports seem to vary, but generally the gap is in the anterior chamber area.

pantalla pixel 5pantalla pixel 5

But not only some users have seen this failure in their Google Pixel 5 devices since then Android Police also experienced this issue with my device.

Most reports show a glitch in the corner closest to the camera cutout on the screen, at the top of the screen. Telephone and above the SIM tray on the left side, but it may appear in other areas as well. …

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It now remains to be seen whether this is a manufacturing defect in some devices and whether it is an aesthetic defect that does not represent any type of protection or hardware problem in the device. Google hasn’t commented on this yet, but hopefully it will be before the “ball” gets bigger.

Source> GSMArena

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