SFR: with an offer combining Box and PS5, the operator wants to seduce for the start of the school year


The operator SFR is pulling out all the stops by launching, in collaboration with Sony Interactive Entertainment France, an offer coupling fiber access to a game console: the playstation5.

Who would’ve believed that ? SFR has decided to innovate for the start of the school year by offering the public an unprecedented offer in the French telecom landscape. The operator in the red square announced this Thursday the marketing of a Box + PS5 offer in France. It will be officially launched on Friday, August 27. The goal ? Seduce new subscribers by offering them the latest generation console at a preferential rate.

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Several hundred euros saved on the PS5

So how can you take advantage of this offer, which is a first in France? The operator indicates that the PS5 in its Digital Edition version (with 2 DualSense controllers) will be offered and associated with the SFR Fiber Power offer. This is currently accessible against 22 euros/month for 12 months, then 43 euros/month beyond the first year for the offer with the SFR Box 7; or for 32 euros/month for 12 months, then 50 euros/month beyond the first year for the offer with the SFR Box 8 (accompanied by Wi-Fi 6, we remind you).

With this SFR Fiber Power offer, the operator offers to purchase the Digital Edition version (therefore without a physical disk drive) and 2 DualSense controllers (one being directly included) for 49 euros upon purchase, then 8 euros/month for 24 months. That is a total of 241 euros for the console, in addition to the Box subscription. This undeniably represents a great saving, since the recommended retail price of the PS5 without reader and the couple of controllers reaches 469.98 euros.

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SFR also offers this same offer with the other version of the PS5, the one that includes the 4K Blu-Ray player. Still with the Dual Sense controllers, the price of the console will be 149 euros on purchase and 24 monthly payments of 8 euros, for a total of 341 euros, against 569.98 euros at the manufacturer’s recommended price. Here too, we can speak of a free economy.

SFR-box-TV © SFR

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A very limited offer (in time)

In addition to the box and the PS5, customers of the Box + PS5 offer will also benefit from free and secure delivery by hand, but also from the MultiTV option and a digital hard drive with a storage capacity of 300 hours, indicates the operator.

The following precision is essential: this offer is for a (very) limited period. SFR informs us that it will only last from August 27 to 29 inclusive. Sunday, it will therefore end, and it is not known for the time being whether it will be extended. A second precision is essential: the offer is not exclusively reserved for homes that receive fiber optics. Those constrained by ADSL, for example, can also benefit from it.

After having launched the first offer combining a Box and a TV, SFR once again facilitates the equipment of the French and innovates with the marketing of a box coupled with the PS5. With this unique offer, SFR allows gamers, like all French people, to benefit from the best of technology and delivers an optimal gaming experience thanks to the combination of the power of Fiber, the SFR Box 8 and the PS5. “Reacted Grégory Rabuel, Chairman and CEO of SFR.

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Source: SFR press release

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