Sheath manufacturer "reveals" unexpected feature of Applecell phones

Only a few weeks separate us from the presentation of the iPhone 11 – Apple’s upcoming mobile generation of the year 2019. A hitherto rather unexpected feature of the new iPhones could now have been “betrayed” by a case manufacturer.

The UK webshop MobileFun is currently listing a leather case from Olixar for a so-called “iPhone 11 Pro”. As far as not unusual, even at Mediamarkt are currently spotted matching cases. And in the run-up to IFA, GIGA colleague Sebastian has heard from a European manufacturer under his belt that his shipload of cases has already begun the journey from Asia. Also, the name “iPhone 11 Pro” is not startling, after recent reports suggest such a name for the OLED models of the iPhones 2019. However, we take a closer look at the pictures of the case. The case offers space for the Apple Pencil. Obviously, but not for the 1st or 2nd generation of the previously compatible only with the iPad pen, but it is probably a smaller version especially for the iPhone 11 – quite chic in silver or gold.

Sheath manufacturer "reveals" unexpected feature of Applecell phones 2 Picture: Olixar.

iPhone 11 with pen control: Unimagined feature of the Applecell phones

If the implied information of the shell manufacturer, then rumors from the beginning of the month regarding an Apple Pencil for the upcoming iPhone were correct. However, pen support is one of the more unexpected features of the upcoming iPhone 11. Why? The credible and reliable AppleAnalyst Ming-Chi Kuo has talked about it, but already last year. His predictions on the iPhone 11, however, contained no more information in support of the Apple Pencils.

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What we can expect from Apple’s iPhone 11:

In this respect, it is not entirely clear whether the manufacturer Olixar with his – probably computer generated – images of the iPhone cases actually reveals the unexpected feature and already knows more, or just uses the opportunity to bring their own brand into conversation. Both scenarios are possible.

In Russia you are Apple far ahead – because you can order the new iPhone before the market launch:

iPhone 11 on schedule: presentation, pre-order, release

A presentation of the iPhone 11 is currently expected for Tuesday, September 10th. The subsequent release, ie the market launch, should take place on Friday, September 20. Pre-orders of the iPhone 11 should therefore already be possible a week earlier, on September 13th. GIGA will report on the news in the usual way.

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