Simulated Gambling: USK does not see casinos in games as a real gamble

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Games such as NBA 2K20 or GTA Online simulate gambling in various forms in the game, such as virtual casinos or roulette machines, which pay out rewards. The USK does not consider such pictures of real gambling in the age rating.

The definition of a game of chance “is the responsibility of the legislature and the courts“Explains the organization in a detailed statement, and provide the rules. As with prey boxes, the simulated games of chance therefore slip through the mesh of definitions. For these to be applied, it is necessary for “requires the acquisition of a chance to win a fee“And be responsible for the profit at least predominantly the coincidence. In addition, a monetary gain must be distributed. This is not the case with simulated gambling analogous to prey boxes.

In its comprehensive statement, the USK therefore concludes that this is not real gambling and therefore does not have to lead to an age rating “from 18 years”. The USK recognizes that “new systems and game mechanics“Have established and the”Fear of a potential developmental impact on very young gamers“But makes it clear that these have not yet been legally evaluated.

Criticism is evaluated

It also explains which legal framework applies at all. For games that are sold in the trade on data carriers, applies the Youth Protection Act (JuSchG), for exclusively online games offered by the Youth Media Protection State Treaty, the labeling is the responsibility of the provider, so self-regulation and voluntary commitments.

Currently, simulated gambling does not form part of the USK’s guiding criteria, as this aspect of the necessary and necessary scope of the JuSchG test did not give rise to any particular weight or risk of developmental impairment.

Opinion of the USK

The age classification according to the Youth Protection Act is based on defined criteria, writes the USK, which would be developed in cooperation with the state youth authorities, the USK Advisory Council and the decision-making basis of the BPjM. It will clarify which “Aspects could affect and possibly jeopardize the development of children and adolescents“. Simulated gambling is not among them, NBA 2K20 was therefore provided with a release “from 0 years” – although the game uses very much in gambling. The “discussion“Around these mechanisms is however known, it is evaluated, writes the USK.

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Parents should supervise

In the meantime, attention is drawn to the importance of parental accompaniment. In this regard, the USK informs, among other things, about the establishment of so-called “Parental Controls”, with which certain (purchase) options can be prevented or age restrictions can be enforced. Further counselors are to provide assistance in everyday life, for example by information about suitable games or the pitfalls of online offers.

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