Skype for Android is updated by adding bookmarks, draft messages and more

Like it happened with Windows Mobile, later called Windows 10 Mobile, with Skype Microsoft is late for the mobile device revolution. It is clear that if we talk about mobility, the Redmond-based company only knows how to do things right on Surface laptops.

When Telegram, WhatsApp, Line and other messaging applications had become the most widely used method of communication between millions of users, the computer giant tried to convert Skype in one more, something that has never been achieved, although today continues trying.


Skype He was born to make calls over the internet. Today remains its main utility and functionality, so in spite of the attempts of Microsoft adding new functions, the mind of the users is not able to take it into account in the day to day.

In a new attempt to get the attention of the users who routinely use Skype to make calls to also use it as a messaging platform, Microsoft has added three new features, functions that we detail below:

Mark messages

If we want to remember a specific message, which may include a document, to later review it or respond with time and adequately, Skype allows us Mark it for later reference.

Message drafts

Something that has been available for a long time in both WhatsApp and Telegram. This function allows us store the text we want to answer If we have not proceeded to send it. That is, it allows us to continue writing the text we want to send later.

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Preview of the files we send

When we share a lot of files or photographs, it is always advisable to take a look at it, lest we include any images that I should not or a document. Thanks to the preview of the documents that we are going to send, we can check it quickly and not screw up.

You can download Skype totally free through this link.

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