Smartphones sold in Russia should be promoted for "Russian value" by …

In addition to the ban, on the sale of devices that do not have Russian-made software, smartphone makers now have several more restrictions from the Russian government that the devices must have software that promotes traditional Russian values. Furthermore, the software must be safe, known and morally healthy too.

According to Russian law, there is a sales ban smartphones, TV and other devices not configured with Russian software in November 2019. This law must apply before July 2020; Devices with foreign software are not prohibited. However, they must provide Russian software as an alternative. The proposed action is to promote Russian technology. This will allow people to use technology easily.

Currently, there are several additional instructions from the Federal Antimonopoly Service that determine the type of software that may be required. According to Reuters, the resolution states that software must help

“Setting priorities for traditional Russian spiritual and moral values”.

However, these values ​​are not explained by resolution.

The applications and software booth is configured for consideration by state entities, central banks and private companies. Later this month, they will work on it and present it to the government for adoption in March.

The bill could kick giant companies off the market in Russia, analysts said. It will be very interesting to see what Apple no This is not the only company that includes third party applications on your device. It is smart to satisfy certain governments, especially China. That doesn’t help at all, but Russia is not as important as the market for China. Apple.

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Also, Russia is not as good at online privacy as its Chinese citizens. The Russian government has lobbied Telegram to share encryption keys with federal security services for years. They are working on a new law that may be based on the installation of spy devices hidden in the devices.

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