Snapchat comes back online after hours of outage

Down for several hours on April 8, Snapchat gradually became operational again at the end of the evening.

Relief among millennials: after several hours of service disruption, the ever-popular Snapchat mobile app is back online. The company founded Evan Spiegel gave no technical indication of the nature of the incident, which began in the middle of the afternoon on April 8. It was just that everything that was going wrong was straightened out during the evening.

It was the regulars of the service who had sounded the alarm at around 4 p.m., reporting massively on Twitter a problem connecting to Snapchat. So much so, moreover, that a keyword has arrived in the trends of Twitter : #snapchatdown. By consulting it, we could observe a long litany of Internet users complaining of not being able to access the application.

Some examples of messages from Internet users indicating their difficulties in accessing their account.

Snapchat confirms a problem

On its account dedicated to assistance, Snapchat very quickly confirmed the existence of a glitch and indicated that it was carrying out investigations to identify its point of origin. A few members of the editorial staff who use the application have also found it impossible to connect to the service. Once the username and password entered, the connection was spinning in the void before returning an error message.

On the Down Detector site, which is used to collect alerts from individuals, a very clear spike in reports appeared around 4 p.m., before going down again. Reports are very numerous in Europe and the United States (on the east coast), less in other regions of the world. Not surprisingly, due to the jet lag, most of the other users were in bed.

How to fix it Unfortunately YouTube has stopped working and is experiencing errors somewhere …

Snapchat comes back online after hours of outage

Photograph of the reports, around 5:30 p.m.

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