So you can use the new features now

Android 10 has brought some new features, which are mostly part of the operating system. Some are also available as separate apps. You can get some features in other ways. So you can also use the best Android 10 features without updating. GIGA shows you how to do it! So here’s how to equip your phone with Android 7, 8 or 9 so that you can almost get an Android 10 feel.

You can already have the following Android 10 features:

Some of the Android 10 features are independent of the version of your operating system and can be installed separately since the start of Version 10. These include the Android audio amplifier, a kind of hearing aid in a smartphone. Even the parental control called Family Link you can set up independently of the new Android – even on Android and iOS! Whether the new gesture control is really the last word in wisdom has yet to be seen. Until you can try it, you might want to try another solution that offers many more features.

You can look forward to these changes on Android 10:

Android 10: Sound Amplifier – the headphone amplifier hearing aid

The audio amplifier requires a headphone with cable. Once started, it amplifies everything around the smartphone and can filter out disturbing background noise at the same time. In this way you hear the slightest noise and you can also talk well in traffic noise.

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The Android 10 Sound Amplifier is one of the apps that work without the new operating system. You can download the app and use it on phones from Android 6.0. If you want to know more, we explain how the audio amplifier of Android 10 works.

Family Link: The Android 10 Parental Control

Family Link consists of two apps: one comes on the device of the parents, the other on the children’s mobile phone. This will allow parents to determine what children are allowed to start and install on their smartphones. You can see where the kids are and give time limits for cell phone use.

Important: For this to work, the child must have a Google Account. In a separate article we explain how Family Link works.

Android 10: Take a break from the smartphone with focus mode

The focus mode is a clever thing, but it has a built-in problem: who should use it most urgently, probably the least. Thought this Focus Mode is to minimize the distractions of the phone. This is achieved by “deep-frozen” the apps that bother the most.

As long as the focus mode is active, you can not call the apps and there are no notifications from them. The focus mode is one of the features that is missing even in the first edition of Android 10. That’s why we explain how to install Focus Mode retrospectively.

As an alternative, you can just another app from the Google Play Store to install. “Stay Focused – App Block“Is an application that gives you self-control. It does this by, for example, setting timeouts or limiting how often you start an app. At the same time a logbook will be kept to show you how often you are calling the apps.

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Stay Focused - App Block (Control Phone Addiction)

Retrofitting gesture control – better than in Android 10

What is so grandly called “gesture control”, you can have long if desired – and more. We explain in more detail how the gesture control of Android 10 works. Ultimately, it’s just a question of wiping to the previous page or swiping up to end an app.

So you can use the new features now 2 Image: GIGA / Screenshot.

Many Android users quickly swapped their smartphone’s launcher for another. Mostly the replacement offers better features and a higher adaptability. What they sometimes bring, is a clever gesture control. A very good example is the Nova Launcher. In addition to many other ingenious features, he also has a very extensive gesture control. And that is not limited to a few actions, but can control almost everything. You can swipe up and down, with one or two fingers, double taps, draw circles or pull apart fingers. Each of these gestures can be linked to specific actions, launch apps or shortcuts. Who uses the Nova Launcher properly, has only a grin left for the gesture control of Android 10.

Nova Launcher

Retrofit the other Android 10 features

Many of the new features are firmly anchored in the Android 10 system. These include security controls and also the “Dark Mode”. Even “Smart Reply” – which does not even work when starting Android – is one of them. The possibilities of these innovations can also be retrofitted to a limited extent.

For example, there are apps like “WhatsAuto” that allow you to set automatic answers for WhatsApp. You do not even have to send an answer yourself. If the keywords are correct, the appropriate answer comes out automatically.

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WhatsAuto - Automatic answers app

In addition, you will find heaps of apps for the Dark Mode in the Play Store. Tailored to the different user interfaces of smartphone manufacturers, they give you a taste of what’s possible in Android 10.

Also many other innovations exist as own app for a long time. Such as the file format HEIF / HEIC in camera apps or saving photos with dynamic depth settings.

If you are looking for a bit and install a few apps, you can now use Android 10 features – even if the phone does not get any update anymore because it is already too old.

The standard keyboard in Android is not always the best. Keyboard apps can often add a lot of new handy features like swiping gestures or shortcuts. Which keyboard is your favorite? Or do you even use several keyboards depending on the app?

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